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Brandon and Lori Williams April 14, 2009

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You know its true love when a couple can’t help but have fun with each other. I love when the friendship in a relationship is absolutely evident. My husband and I are great friends and were friends for about a year and a half before we started dating. Now that we’re married, that friendship has carried over into our marriage and we really enjoy spending time with each other. We’re always cracking jokes and throwing out sarcastic remarks.



Brandon and Lori are great friends of ours, and they too have a friendship – not just a marriage. They were friends for about five months before they started dating, but dated for almost two and a half years. We have a lot of fun with them as a group – going out to eat is definitely our “thing” to do. But during our shoot, I was able to sit back and watch them as a couple. They were so fun and playful – goofing off between poses and pictures. I was able to capture a few fun shots. Hopefully they won’t mind if a share a couple of those!



Shout out to Lori: Girl, I love you! You’re a woman of God, a prayer warrior, an accountability partner… I’ve been blessed to know you since we’ve been in Memphis. I’m so thankful I asked you about running a little over a year ago! Our runs will forever hold a special place in my heart. Hopefully, we can get in a few more before the summer.


































































One Response to “Brandon and Lori Williams”

  1. carlie Says:

    that’s my neighbor ! or WAS till he got olderr and marriedd .

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