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I’m Moving… April 21, 2009

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Over the past 8-10 weeks, Wade and I have been talking with a church from Missouri about their student pastor opening.  Many of you know this, and have been in prayer for us, and we appreciate it very much.  This past weekend we traveled to Macon, MO in view of a call for the Student Pastor position at First Baptist Church in Macon.  After a long weekend, we received a positive vote Sunday morning and accepted the position.  We will be moving to Macon June 4, 2009.


Wade and I are very excited about the opportunity God has provided us in Macon. I am excited to be closer to family and in a smaller community. Unfortunately, we will be leaving some incredible friends behind. We’ve met great people through Bellevue, Mid-America, and Bon Lin Middle. Our Bible Fellowship Class has become our little church family, prayer warriors, encouragers, and support group. We’re going to miss everyone!


Right now, I am keeping an open mind about teaching positions and looking for opportunities; however, I will continue to pursue photography to its fullest while in Macon. I hope to build an official website and begin booking sessions right away.


Until then, I’m available in Memphis through May 30, 2009. May’s schedule is filling up quickly between photography sessions, school events, and now packing; therefore, if you’re interested in a session, please contact me soon!


Have a wonderful week everyone!



By the way…





One Response to “I’m Moving…”

  1. Bethany Shepherd Says:

    I am so excited that you guys are coming and just wanted to say GO TIGERS (once a tiger always a tiger) 😀

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