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Maci and Mia April 29, 2009

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It’s been awhile since my last post – my apologies. I have three blogs to post, so here is the first of the three.


Maci and Mia are my two little nieces. Maci is 3 1/2 and Mia is about 8 months. Maci is quite the character! Since day one she has never failed to entertain us. She is extremely outgoing, will talk to anyone (sometimes a bad thing!) and is full of life and energy. Last summer she spent a week with us and I couldn’t believe how much she compared to the energizer bunny. She literally kept going and going and going. Although we love her very much, it confirmed our desire to wait a little longer for kids. Maci is tough to keep up with!


She also loves to talk and entertain. For Christmas, we bought her a Hannah Montana guitar. She was beside herself singing and performing for the family the entire night in her sparkly teal rocker shirt. Yesterday, while on the phone with Wade, she informed him that she stuck popcorn up her nose at pre-school. The un-popped kernel got stuck and “Lulu” got it out with tweezers. How about that?


At the young age of 8 months, we can already see a different personality developing in little Mia. Unlike Maci, she tends to cling to the people she knows well and is familiar with. She’s also extremely sensitive. During our visit, we were all encouraging her to crawl. She was SO close on multiple occasions. One time in particular, her daddy put something out in front of her to crawl toward and when she reached out for it he pushed it farther away and Mia just burst into tears. So cute, but oh so sad… Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see her crawl before we left, but apparently we’ll get to see it when we go back!


Without further ado, I give you Maci and Mia! 






























































I fully intend to finish and publish two more posts by this weekend. Check back soon! And thanks to all of my faithful viewers! I really appreciate the comments. Have a great Thursday!


One Response to “Maci and Mia”

  1. luanne Says:

    Pictures are great. You are doing a wonderful job, keep it up.

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