Emily Dobson Photography

Matt and Sara Castellaw May 14, 2009

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Photography is amazing! I love every minute of it. I love the excitement I experience before every session. I love working through the images and enhancing each photo after every session. But most of all, I love hanging out with people. I get to talk, listen, and learn.


Matt and Sara are very laid back (or maybe they were just laid back during the session?). First, they wore hats. They didn’t try to be something they’re not or dress in something they weren’t comfortable in. They simply showed up as Matt and Sara. When speaking in regards to public display of affections, they aren’t exactly the type of couple you’re going to walk past and say, “Seriously? You’re in public…” Yet, as soon as I asked what they were comfortable with they responded, “We’ll do whatever you want!” So we trekked around the Bellevue campus and out near the woods. We endured the attack of many mosquitoes (or possibly spiders). And they watched me come close to breaking an old, frail picnic table. What can I say? When standing at a massive 5’2,” you’ll look for anything to stand on for a different angle!


I am so thankful for the time I spent with Matt and Sara. I hope we’re able to get together again before I move!




Castellaw-35 LOGO





Castellaw-33 LOGO





Castellaw-39 LOGO





Castellaw-4 LOGO





Castellaw-36 LOGO





Castellaw-11 LOGO





Castellaw-26 creative LOGO







Castellaw-46 COLOR


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