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Michelle Hill May 24, 2009

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Michelle is a special young woman. She spent many of her years growing up in Africa as her parents were missionaries there. She didn’t grow up spoiled with all of the hot commodities we have available in the States. Though she didn’t have air conditioning, she slept in sweats every night to protect herself from the scorpions that crawled in bed with her! YIKES! I’ve listened to her stories and decided she is an excellent candidate for Survivor. She’d be able to physically outlast every player in those remote locations without even trying. And since she’s such a sweetheart, she’d have the social aspect of the game wrapped around her little finger. Michelle, be sure to let me know when you apply because I’ll be sure to hold on to my application until after you’ve won!


Michelle and I recently got together for a mock senior session! My senior portfolio is lacking (or non-existent at this point), so I was super glad Michelle agreed to get “seniorified” for me! She even brought multiple outfits for us to go through. She said, “My sister is in high school and this looked like something she would wear!” It was great fun. I’m very much looking forward to working with seniors. Thanks for modeling for me Michelle!





Michelle-1 LOGO





Michelle-35 LOGO





Michelle-19 LOGO





Michelle-15 LOGO





Michelle-5 LOGO





Michelle-17 LOGO





Michelle-29 LOGO





Michelle-13 LOGO






 Michelle-24 LOGO






Michelle-25 LOGO







One Response to “Michelle Hill”

  1. Heather Says:

    These are great!! I love the one of her sitting behind all the gnarled tree roots with her hair blowing! Nice work (as usual) Emily – and Michelle you looked so cute, too!

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