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The adult life… May 24, 2009

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As adults, we sometimes get too caught up in our “adult” responsibilities and lose the fun in life. Because I’m still teaching, the only time available for me to devote to photography is in the evening when I’m at home with my husband, Wade. He’s been very understanding, but I know sometimes he misses me – especially since he’s a Master of Divinity now and has free time! (Side note: He graduated on Friday!) In the evening, I get caught up in editing and finishing photos for clients and for the blog and forget to sit back, relax, and enjoy married life without kids (as we will not have this time forever). This weekend, Wade helped me balance photography and life. For graduation, he bought himself a Wii. We wanted to test it out in the store, but were truly embarrassed to punch the air like a couple of little kids. Solution: Buy it and bring it home! We boxed, played tennis and baseball, bowled, and golfed. I’m ridiculously competitive and he schooled me in everything but golf. I was grouchy at first, but it was fun to step away from my “adult” responsibilities and be young and playful with my best friend.


Yesterday, we had to get a picture of him for the website of our new church (http://www.fbcmacon.net/). He was such a good husband! After we got the picture we needed, he asked if I wanted a few more. But only if I agreed to put him on the blog. Now look at these pictures… who wouldn’t put this hunk of a husband on their blog?!



Additional side note: Sorry for the grain. My ISO was a bit too high for this shoot.




Wade-4 LOGO





Wade-3 LOGO





Wade-6 LOGO





Wade-5 LOGO





Wade-2 LOGO


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