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The Robersons May 26, 2009

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Andrew, Crystal, and Finley Roberson are going to take up modeling soon. They’re practically a magnet for beginning photographers like myself! A couple of years ago when Finley was born, they hooked up with Julie Roberts as she was first starting out. Two years later, they hook up with me and help build my portfolio!


Crystal is a fellow teacher of mine at Bon Lin Middle School. She is such a sweetheart and I’m completely drawn to her sincere, friendly personality. She’s very helpful and has even offered to sacrifice her planning period to help me out (FYI: This is a BIG deal in teacher world)! Her husband, Andrew, is seriously super husband! For example, he was at school helping out his wife before I got there this morning. I see him helping out with extracurricular activities, monitoring students, carrying and lifting boxes and the like. And wouldn’t you know, he’s incredibly friendly just like his wife. Then there is Finley – what a cutie! When we got together for the session and I was ready to start shooting I said, “Finley! Do you want to take some pictures?!” to which she replied, “Nope” and ran away. I couldn’t help but laugh. She has a mind of her own. And in a little over an hour, I could tell she is also very smart. She already knows her left from right! Maybe I’m ignorant when it comes to kids, but I was totally impressed.


I had a great time hanging out with the Robersons and will miss them when I’m gone (can’t believe I’m moving next week). Andrew and Crystal: If I head back to Memphis for a weekend getaway, I’m hunting you guys down!


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Roberson-2 LOGO





Roberson-30 LOGO





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Roberson-32 LOGO





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Roberson-33 LOGO





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Roberson-46 LOGO


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