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Boom Boom Pow – Seniors! May 27, 2009

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What a blast I had with Caroline, Adeline, and Phillip last week! They were all over the idea of helping me out with my senior portfolio. We met downtown, and from the moment we got out of our cars they were all three full of energy and up for anything! All three of them were so goofy and so full of life it was hard not to sit back and watch them have fun. In some of the images you’ll see the girls laughing, and I just want to say that these were not posed. The two waiting for their turn to model were always goofing off! As we traveled from place to place they started singing the new hit song, “Boom Boom Pow” by Black Eyed Peas. It was hilarious listening to Phillip and Adeline sing it together.  They are just full of personality, so the song fit them perfectly! This session was loads of fun and we got some great images too. Thanks guys!




Adeline-4 LOGO




Caroline-8 LOGO





Phillip -10 LOGO





Adeline-13 LOGO





Caroline-16 LOGO





Phillip-1 LOGO





Adeline-23 LOGO







Caroline-12 LOGO





Phillip -8 LOGO






Adeline-14 LOGO





Caroline-2 LOGO




Phillip-15 LOGO





Adeline-8 LOGO





Caroline-6 LOGO





Phillip -9 LOGO


One Response to “Boom Boom Pow – Seniors!”

  1. Heather Says:

    I love all your “Boom Boom Pow” senior pictures! I can’t believe how old and grown up Phillip looks! He and my brother are the same age and I always picture them together as little boys running around like crazy and causing trouble… And of course Adeline and Caroline look beautiful! Great job, Em!

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