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The Trustys June 1, 2009

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Outgoing. Energetic. Playful. Precious. Lovable.


All words of description for Parker and Reese Trusty. I had the privilege of working with Robin at Bon Lin Middle for six weeks while she filled in for a maternity leave. Robin was so much fun! She had fun with the kids and the teachers. I’m not sure I ever saw her without a smile or without having fun, which is super encouraging as a teacher. At times, we focus too much on the negative aspects of teaching and not nearly enough of the good that is happening around us. Robin never seemed to take a day for granted.


Taking pictures of her kids was very cool. Parker took the lead by  jumping right in front of the camera without hesitation! And since Reese very much wanted to be just like her big brother, she followed in right behind him. I loved watching Reese look up to her big brother and follow his every move. They were so cute playing with the ducks, throwing rocks in the pond, running around the trails, and playing on the play ground. My job was so easy because I got to play with them and capture a few pictures on the side.


It was great to have met you Robin! I thoroughly enjoyed your kids!




Trusty-27 LOGO





Trusty-24 LOGO






Trusty-2 NO Texture LOGO





Trusty-12 LOGO





Trusty-29 LOGO





Trusty-28 LOGO





Trusty-48 LOGO





Trusty-23 LOGO





Trusty-5 LOGO


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