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Lynsi Hartman June 2, 2009

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I get to work with the most beautiful people! Yes, beautiful on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside. As you can see, Lynsi is stunning in these images. Pretty smile, gorgeous serious face, cute little figure, and obviously photogenic. She was so easy to work with. Although, I knew she would be! Lynsi worked with me at Bon Lin Middle School (are you noticing a pattern here?!) two days a week, and was willing to model for my senior portfolio! Like me, she could definitely pass as a senior in high school.



But Lynsi is not only stunning on the outside, she is also stunning on the inside. Lynsi is a genuine sweetheart. Throughout the year, she consistently demonstrated positivity. Never do I recall her sitting down at the MAPS lunch table to vent. Me on the other hand? Guilty… She had a good sense of humor, and wasn’t afraid to share her love for Christ. What a comfort it is to know you are surrounded by people who love the Lord and aren’t afraid to testify to His grace, mercy, and power. I will miss working with someone like you, Lynsi. Please help Mrs. Boren keep Coach Craig and Mr. Tucker in line next year!



Be sure to check out her blog too! 



Lynsi-10 LOGO






Lynsi-1 LOGO







Lynsi-8 bw LOGO





Lynsi-3 LOGO





Lynsi-7 LOGO






Lynsi-5 LOGO






Lynsi-13 LOGO






Lynsi-4 LOGO





Lynsi-11 bw LOGO






Lynsi-2 LOGO


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