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Little Tucker June 3, 2009

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This year at Bon Lin Middle School, I coached the girls’ basketball team. We were terrible (brand new school, first year team), so please don’t ask for our record. I had 15 players and the cutest little manager ever – Carlie. Carlie was my helper throughout the season. She attended all the practices to make sure everything was ready. She partnered up with the girls when we needed an extra player. She made sure the basketballs, water bottles, clip boards, med kit, and anything else I needed were ready to go for all of the games. And she even helped keep stats! She was pretty much the coolest helper ever.


Apparently, little miss Carlie found out I started taking pictures on the side and she advertised for me! The next thing I knew her mom was calling me to set up a session for Tucker’s first birthday. Tucker is Carlie’s little brother and he is the cutest little boy with the brightest blue eyes you’ve ever seen (I’m not even kidding)!! As you’ll see by the lack of smiles, he was completely mellowed out for the session. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on as he kept checking me out and looking at mommy, but as soon as I whipped out the bubbles, he was sold! He LOVED the bubbles and it was adorable to watch him try to catch them. He was very fun! And I caught two smiles in the middle of the session!


Happy First Birthday Tucker! And Carlie, you were a fantastic basketball manager! I know you’ll be a great cheerleader cheering on all those girls you helped throughout the season. Good luck!




Tucker-17 LOGO





Tucker-15 LOGO





Tucker-8 LOGO





Tucker-37 LOGO





Tucker-18 LOGO





Tucker-33 LOGO





Tucker-9 LOGO








Tucker-16 LOGO





Tucker-11 LOGO


One Response to “Little Tucker”

  1. Ginger Wyatt Says:

    This is my nephew! The pictures are wonderful!! Beautiful work!

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