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The time has come… June 3, 2009

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As the tears streamed down my face, I offered a hug, a kiss, an “I love you” and then slid into the back seat of the car. As we drove off, I couldn’t help but wonder how long we would be apart. The Dobsons and I left Wade in Memphis to start seminary at Mid-American Baptist Theological Seminary while we traveled back to Illinois, his home town, and I went back to Hannibal-LaGrange College. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Wade to realize he didn’t want to be without me for very long! ūüėČ He proposed four months later. So for a year and a half we spent hours on the phone and made once a month to once every two month trips back and forth to see each other. On December 29, 2007, we got married and I moved to Memphis to be with the love of my life while he finished his master‚Äôs degree.


A year and a half later, it’s time to say goodbye. Wade has completed his Master of Divinity degree and accepted a full-time youth pastor position in Macon, MO. This will be closer to home for the both of us, but more importantly, an incredible opportunity for us to minister to the students of Macon Middle and High School (and a few area schools). We are¬†leaving Memphis¬†bright and early tomorrow morning.


Wade and I have enjoyed our time here in Memphis. We met some fantastic people and made really good friends along the way. To my Bible Fellowship Class friends: you have been encouraging, convicting, and so much fun! To the teachers of BLMS: I never would have made it through my first year of teaching without you – especially Brooke and all the CRAZY MAPS teachers. Thanks for helping me have some great fun! To Lori – you know you’re my buddy. I can’t believe we’re not going to be able to go walk and run together whenever we want. Or hang out at the gym together. But I promise, I will be making a special trip back to at least spin circles on your living room floor! And November 20th isn‚Äôt too far away! Thanks for the incredible spiritual leader you’ve been in my life.


To all of my faithful readers and clients: Though not quite a specialist, you are the reason that I am able to leave Memphis a photographer. The support and encouragement I have received from you has been completely overwhelming. I bought the camera in January and started taking pictures in March. The blog has completely taken off since March and I thank you so much for putting your trust in me. God has truly poured out His blessings upon me in life, but especially as I pursue this dream of mine. I never imagined I would have this type of portfolio built in two months. He has given me the opportunity to not only build a portfolio, but also meet some really great people along the way. Without Him, my photography would be nothing. I would be nothing. To God be the glory!


With the move less than 24 hours away, I must say TTFN: ta ta for now! Between the move, vacation, and the youth summer camp, I will be out of town through June 19th. Upon my return, I will be setting up the house and hopefully gaining permanent internet access as soon as possible! So please check back in a couple of weeks as I have at least two sessions over the course of my absence.


Since I will be gone for awhile, I wanted to leave you with something new. Here are a couple of recent Emily Dobson Photography raves!


From Robin Trusty¬†(After receiving her professional prints): “…they are even better in person. The collages are wonderful. I can’t wait to frame them. You did a great work and Reese cried for MLeigh (my nickname) when we left. She adores you. You’re great and thanks so much for your extra work and patience with us. You’re great and I hope I can see you again soon.”

From Kendra Pak: “Emily, you are such a gifted photographer!! I have enjoyed seeing your work, and I want to thank you for sharing it. I also appreciate that reading your blogs reminds me that I need to be more outward in my faith and love for Christ. Thank you for that. God bless you in your move!”


Thank you both for your kindness.





2 Responses to “The time has come…”

  1. Natasha Byrd Says:

    This is such a shame!!! I just saw your pics on Derichia’s facebok page and was about to call you for a photo shoot and you’re leaving!! Lemons!!! Great Pics!!!

    • edobson86 Says:

      I’m so sorry we didn’t get together sooner! I really appreciate the compliments. Maybe our paths will cross again soon. Keep checking bac and I’ll let you know when we’re back in town!

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