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The Murins June 20, 2009

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Ah, home sweet home! It’s good to be back in town for awhile. Wade and I have been all over the place the past couple of weeks and were sick of living out of suitcases and boxes. We are all settled in here at Macon, MO and are looking forward to serving at the church! We just returned from Super Summer with about 13 of the youth from our church. One student surrendered to the ministry and another one prayer to receive Christ! God is good!


Now that I’m back in town, I’m ready to get this blog alive again! Can you guess how I knew Kristie Murin?! Yep, worked with her at Bon Lin Middle School. She is the school counselor and Mr. Wells, Mr. Tucker, and I helped her with breakfast duty every morning. She is a great asset to Bon Lin Middle. Although I didn’t see her daily, I could tell the students had a great relationship with her. She made them feel special, and the kids were comfortable with her. Kristie also worked hard on special events such as career day where she brought in firefighters, nurses, teachers, etc. to speak with the students about choosing their career path.


This session took place before I left Memphis, but it has stuck with me over the weeks I’ve been “off the clock.” She has four kids and two of them are already great athletes. She has a power house soccer player as well as a power house softball player. Everyone was very kind and very respectful.  They all thanked me for taking their pictures and were great sports (even if they weren’t too keen on the idea of a photo session to begin with). Kristie even told me after the session that her kids told her it was the most fun session they’ve ever had! What a compliment! THANK YOU for your kind words. I will miss working with you, Kristie.





Murin-13 bw





























Brothers-1 bw





























Don’t forget about those FREE SESSIONS!






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