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Beach Bound! July 23, 2009

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“And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good works of every kind. Let eveything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching.” Titus 2:7


Well friends, in just a couple of hours I will be sitting on a charter bus with 35 others heading to Daytona Beach, FL. Our church is teaming up with World Changers to conduct service projects for those in need. Hammers, paint rollers, work gloves, and goggles are all on our list of things to bring! Ours days will be physically exhausting and our nights will be spiritually intense. But we’re going to set an example by “doing good works,” which will hopefully “reflect the integrity and seriousness” of our devotion to Christ.


With this being said, I will be out of town today through the evening of August 2nd. When I return, I will begin answering e-mails on the 3rd and fulfilling any session requests and or client orders. If you wish to set up a session, please send me an e-mail describing the type of session you want and who you want photographed. Check out my investment information if you simply want more info!


I’m glad you stopped by, and want to make your stop worthwhile! Here is a short preview of the two sessions I conducted earlier this week. 



Harris-1 bw












Monda-25 bw






Monda-29 bw


Ashley and Jessie Troyer July 21, 2009

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Introducing South Shelby High School’s very own: Ashley and Jessie Troyer! 


Two and a half weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Ashley and Jessie. They are my senior reps for South Shelby High School. What two awesome girls to help represent Emily Dobson Photography! These two young ladies are kind, patient, and full of laughs. Their big smiles welcomed me into their home. They weren’t shy at all (which is awesome for someone who wants to ask lots of questions). And, they made me feel funny. I like to crack cheesy jokes and make people laugh, but as Wade often reminds me, I’m typically not that funny. They laughed and laughed and laughed. It was awesome!  


For this session, I decided to try something new. The Tuesday before their session, I had the opportunity of observing Matt Lucas from Lucas Photography. His photos are stunning, and Lucas has been running a successful business since 1972. One item I’ve been contemplating purchasing over the past several weeks is a light reflector. I was hesitant to purchase one because they are most useful with an assistant. I hold the camera and the assistant holds the reflector. Well, Matt Lucas suggested setting my camera on a timer and holding the reflector myself. GENIUS! So Ashley and Jessie were my Guiney pigs for the reflector. They were so incredibly patient as it took me a little longer to set up than normal. Plus, I was taking pictures of two girls instead of one. They never complained once about the insane heat! I was sweating like a pig (disgusting, I know), but they were cool as could be. 


Ashley and Jessie hope to pursue college athletic careers (Jessie: softball, Ashley: basketball). So, if by any chance a college recruit happens to run across my page, check ’em out!






Left: Jessie      Right: Ashley

Twins-3 bw






Ashley-7 bw 






























Ashley-18 bw


















Jessie-11 bw 























I ♥ Faces July 20, 2009

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Another I Faces competition is underway and this week’s theme is I Feet! Funny week because two Saturdays ago, I spent the day with Tabitha Thompson from Simply Weddings Photography as a guest photographer. The bride we worked with at this particular wedding wore some smokin’ hot purple heels that I LOVED and simply had to get a picture of. I spent all day trying to get a picture of her shoes, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the full effect. In every picture, the shoes were not the focal point; rather, they were simply a forgetable part of a boring image. When we finally reached the reception hall and found a pretty, hardwood floor and a nearby bench, I knew the shot was golden! In the midst of capturing this picture, Tabitha said, “You have a thing with feet don’t you?!”


So without further adu, here is my I Feet picture!









Bridal Party-6





Just for Fun! July 19, 2009

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I’m currently showing three galleries, working on a third, and have three sessions this week! I won’t be able to post the two weddings I just helped shoot for at least 6-8 weeks. This is a simple courtesy to the photographers I worked with. I’m a busy girl and can’t wait to show you all of my recent work here in Macon. Thank you for being patient while I wait for client orders.


Tonight we had our Student Overflow Outside service at church. Before everyone arrived, I snapped a couple of shots of the band’s equipment. These shots are by far my favorite so I decided to share them with all of you while you patiently wait for my next session post!


Remember, I will be out of town on a mission trip July 23 – Aug 2. Have a great week everyone!





Outside-1 2






Outside-2 2






Outside-3 2






Outside-4 2


The Shinkle Kids July 16, 2009

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One of my first inquiries about the FREE SESSIONS was Deborah Shinkle. Turns out Deborah is the sister-in-law of a friend of mine from College. And Deborah’s little girl, Elaine, was the infamous Elaine my friend from college used to speak about. Small world I tell ya! Two weeks ago, I traveled out to Novelty to take some pictures of Elaine, Nelson, and Nolan. It took a few minutes for the boys to warm up to me, but Elaine didn’t have any trouble at all. She set an excellent example for her brothers to follow as you will see in the photos below. Nelson had a gorgeous smile and did quite well showing it off. Nolan didn’t really care to be alone with me. In fact, he ran away when I told him it was his turn. I had to be a little extra creative in getting pictures of just him. So, we had a tickle fight! And I snapped as fast as I could whenever I could. Then, I let him shoot me – with a gun. He really enjoyed that! The whole session was quite entertaining!


I hope you enjoy the pictures!








































Shinkle-18 subtle














Shinkle-26 bw














Shinkle-54 bw

















Blog Preview July 9, 2009

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Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I posted a recent photo shoot. So, I’ve decided to give you a small taste of the upcoming blogs I plan to post as soon as the orders are placed. And in case you forget to take note, I seriously have the best looking clients!


Oh! And for those of you who haven’t heard, I’ll be second shooting for a professional wedding photographer beginning next Friday! I am thrilled to have this opportunity before me.


Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy! And feel free to leave a comment by clicking on the link at the bottom right hand side of this post. Comments make me happy!










Greenwell-42 copy bw






Greenwell-28 bw


Happy 4th! July 4, 2009

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Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you have a great holiday and are spending some time with your loved ones or thinking of them if you can’t actually be with them. Say a special prayer for those who are serving our country overseas – I think they deserve it.


I’m expanding my creativity and working on a bridal album from one of my very first sessions: Heather Mullins. As I proceed down this long road to professional photography, I want to offer my clients albums, namely flush mount albums. Here are two of the pages I’ve created from Heather’s session. PLEASE leave a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks!



 Page 2







Page 3