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The Shinkle Kids July 16, 2009

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One of my first inquiries about the FREE SESSIONS was Deborah Shinkle. Turns out Deborah is the sister-in-law of a friend of mine from College. And Deborah’s little girl, Elaine, was the infamous Elaine my friend from college used to speak about. Small world I tell ya! Two weeks ago, I traveled out to Novelty to take some pictures of Elaine, Nelson, and Nolan. It took a few minutes for the boys to warm up to me, but Elaine didn’t have any trouble at all. She set an excellent example for her brothers to follow as you will see in the photos below. Nelson had a gorgeous smile and did quite well showing it off. Nolan didn’t really care to be alone with me. In fact, he ran away when I told him it was his turn. I had to be a little extra creative in getting pictures of just him. So, we had a tickle fight! And I snapped as fast as I could whenever I could. Then, I let him shoot me – with a gun. He really enjoyed that! The whole session was quite entertaining!


I hope you enjoy the pictures!








































Shinkle-18 subtle














Shinkle-26 bw














Shinkle-54 bw

















One Response to “The Shinkle Kids”

  1. mycrzylife Says:

    great shots! love their eyes!

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