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Ashley and Jessie Troyer July 21, 2009

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Introducing South Shelby High School’s very own: Ashley and Jessie Troyer! 


Two and a half weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Ashley and Jessie. They are my senior reps for South Shelby High School. What two awesome girls to help represent Emily Dobson Photography! These two young ladies are kind, patient, and full of laughs. Their big smiles welcomed me into their home. They weren’t shy at all (which is awesome for someone who wants to ask lots of questions). And, they made me feel funny. I like to crack cheesy jokes and make people laugh, but as Wade often reminds me, I’m typically not that funny. They laughed and laughed and laughed. It was awesome!  


For this session, I decided to try something new. The Tuesday before their session, I had the opportunity of observing Matt Lucas from Lucas Photography. His photos are stunning, and Lucas has been running a successful business since 1972. One item I’ve been contemplating purchasing over the past several weeks is a light reflector. I was hesitant to purchase one because they are most useful with an assistant. I hold the camera and the assistant holds the reflector. Well, Matt Lucas suggested setting my camera on a timer and holding the reflector myself. GENIUS! So Ashley and Jessie were my Guiney pigs for the reflector. They were so incredibly patient as it took me a little longer to set up than normal. Plus, I was taking pictures of two girls instead of one. They never complained once about the insane heat! I was sweating like a pig (disgusting, I know), but they were cool as could be. 


Ashley and Jessie hope to pursue college athletic careers (Jessie: softball, Ashley: basketball). So, if by any chance a college recruit happens to run across my page, check ’em out!






Left: Jessie      Right: Ashley

Twins-3 bw






Ashley-7 bw 






























Ashley-18 bw


















Jessie-11 bw 























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