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The Mondas – Macon Children’s Photography August 29, 2009

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What a couple of weeks!!


Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to attend the FOCUS09 workshop hosted by Sandi Bradshaw of Treasure the Time Photography. It was an honor spending a couple of days with 13 amazing photographers-sharing and learning more than I could’ve ever expected! Sandi was an absolute blessing providing us with insurmountable information! Okay, maybe it was just a ton of information… regardless, I have been attempting to implement many new business tricks and techniques as well as branching out and trying new features in Photoshop… all while conducting too many sessions to count and hosting guests 24:7 this week!


Good thing I love my job (and my family and friends)!


So here I am, coming out from under the woodwork to introduce Sarai and Micah-two great kids! Tzigane is one of my faithful blog followers, and quickly jumped on the opportunity to book a free session. We conducted their session here in Macon. Sarai was a bit timid in front of the camera when we started, but that is one great thing about my job – I get to help my clients feel comfortable and relaxed when shutter the starts clicking! And relaxed Sarai became after I showed her a beautiful image (or two… 🙂 ) of herself from the camera. Micah was super cute too and I loved the faces he gave me throughout the session. He also really liked his big sister.


Thank you Mondas for being good friends AND faithful blog readers!










Monda-32 bw












Monda-43 bw






Monda-7 copy


Grandaddy – I ♥ Faces August 25, 2009

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Nostalgia – a longing from the past – an I Faces contest I decided to pass up…



Until I remembered this picture:





This isn’t a professional photograph. Nor is it a picture I expect to win a contest. Rather, it’s a picture of a sweet memory that is extra close to my heart this week – a picture that brings back a longing for the past…


Charles Tennison, aka Grandaddy, is my husband’s Grandpa of whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for only 3 1/2 years. Grandaddy won me over the first time we met with cookie dough ice cream waiting in the freezer just for me! Not only was it cookie dough ice cream, but it was the best dad-gum cookie dough ice cream I’ve ever had!


Grandaddy is known for his mad cooking skills. I loved walking into his house with the aroma of pot roast and vegetables filling the air. He looooooved picking on the morning person I am (*cough*cough*) by telling me to get up followed by an incredibly chipper “Good afternoon!” when it was only 9:00am. Waking up wasn’t so bad though because eggs, biscuits and gravy, and sausage or bacon would be waiting in the kitchen for those who wanted breakfast. 


Grandaddy enjoyed showing off the deer in his backyard at night, taking us to the incredible Pap’s Place on the weekends for a buffet that would knock your socks off, driving us 30 miles or so to go to Wal-Mart, and taking us over to see Uncle Jimmy and his wife.


Wade had the privilege of growing up with Grandaddy for several years when he was just a boy.  Wade and his brother, Wes, loved helping Grandaddy pick beans, corn, and tomatoes from the garden, and watching him complete his many crossword puzzles. Although, one of Wade’s fondest memories of Grandaddy was back in the day when Wade would spend the night at his house. You see, Wade is one of those sleepers that makes strange noies, sleepwalks, and sometimes carries on a random conversation. When Wade lived in Louisville, MS, his family spent most weekends in Sturgis with Grandaddy and his late wife, Nana. Many nights, Wade would wake up Grandaddy with his strange sleeping habits and Grandaddy would go in Wade’s room and tell him to shut up! In fact, on occasion, he would hit Wade with a pillow!!!!!


Five days ago, Grandaddy was diagnosed with cancer – a terrible cancer affecting the bile duct that leads to the liver. His life is changing directions as the cancer has quickly taken control of most of his body. When Wade’s parents gently explained to Grandaddy the seriousness of the situation and told him they would be traveling to the hospital at UAB for more information (the only hospital in the country capable of conducting surgery for this type of cancer), Grandaddy light-heartedly responded, “It sounds like a waste of time and money to me. I’m not going to live to be as old as Methuselah (the 969-yr-old mentioned in Gensis)!” which is totally a grandaddy response.


Grandaddy is selfless, fun-loving, and goofy. Though I’ve only known him for a few years, I can already see how much he loves and cares for others. Plus, I can see it in the eyes of my amazing husband, and my in-laws. The way everyone speaks so highly of him and loves visiting him in Sturgis, the tiny town of 206 residents. Although Grandaddy is very sick, and his likelihood of making it through the week is slim, we can rest. Sure, we long for the past – the times when both Grandaddy and Nana were alive and well… taking the family fishing, jewelrifying (yes, I just made that word up) all the girls with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, and hanging out at the old country store “downtown.” But we know Grandaddy will be going home to be with his Father in Heaven. We already know that Nana is there waiting for him. Together, along with all of their brothers and sisters in Christ, they will spend an eternity worshipping God – a life far great the one I just described. And at some point in time, we will join him – the healthy Grandaddy everyone remembers – only this time we will join him forever.


We love you Grandaddy!




And the winner is… August 24, 2009

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First off, thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog to check out the amazing PopATot! There were so many people who took the time to check out this incredible new product! Special thanks to Stacy Ellsworth for giving me this opportunity to make one lucky blog reader’s day!


And now the whole reason you stopped by today…



the winner of the perfect portable activity center is…





Tzigane Monda!





Congratulations Tzigane!


Simply contact me via e-mail at emilydobsonphotography@yahoo.com to claim your prize!


Again, thanks to everyone who entered! Check back soon as I am already working another giveaway! Plus, I have some fantastic new photos coming your way! And to prove it… here are LOTS of previews!



Alicia Gillean – Maternity Photography – Alton, IL

 Alicia-25 bw






A. Ballard – Children’s Photography – Highland, IL

Ballard-19 bw2






M. Sadler – Children’s Photography – Macon, Missouri







K. Barton – Children’s Photography – Shelbina, Missouri

Kylie-23 bw logo






J. Peavler – Children’s Photography – Elmer, Missouri







M. Baase – Children’s Photography – Macon, Missouri






Megan Sullivan – Senior Photography – Macon Senior High Macon, Missouri

Megan-64 bw vintage





TTFN (ta ta for now)!



I ♥ Faces August 18, 2009

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I Faces contest entry! Although I’ve never been recognized as one of the “winners,” it’s still fun to post an entry and share photos with other photographers – professional and ameture alike!  

So this week’s photo challenge is “Bubbles.” My bublle selection is rather slim, but this boy is certainly precious. So while the bubbles in this pictures aren’t to die for, Little Tucker is!




P.S. If you’re visiting from I Faces, click on this permalink to find out about my current giveaway!










PopATot Giveaway!

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That’s right folks! My very first giveaway! And this is an amazing first giveaway to start with as I was totally impressed the moment I saw it. I fully intend on getting one – when I need it that is! 😉


Stacy Ellsworth of Bethalto, IL is the co-founder and co-owner of the incredible PopATot! The PopATot is a portable, collapsible baby activity center. The baby center is stored in a 36″ x 5″ case that can be easily carried over the shoulder. When you’re ready to use it – whether outdoors or indoors – simply pull it out of the case and POP it into place! Once in place, you may clip up to five toys into the outter edges and also provide your child with a snack and/or drink in the provided cup holders. GENIUS!


Stacy is a friend of my in-laws and actually recruited my niece Mia to help her promote the PopATot during a LIVE Great Day St. Louis segment Monday morning! After watching the video, you’ll notice Mia is rockin’ a stylish hot pink PopATot while randomly screaming for her momma, Julie. For this giveaway, one lucky blog reader will win the original red and blue PopATot valued at $49.99! SO COOL!!!!!!



Entering the contest (super easy)!


1. Go to Great Day St. Louis and watch the segment advertising the amazing PopATot!

2. Leave a comment (bottom right hand corner of this post) telling me about your favorite part of the segment and your favorite thing about the PopATot.


Contest ends THIS Sunday, August 23rd at 10:59pm (Central), 11:59pm (Eastern), 8:59pm (Pacific).

Winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday, August 24th.




   Additional Entries!
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BONUS Entry!

  • Receive 10 BONUS entries by booking one session with Emily Dobson Photography! (In order for this to remain fair, previous bookings will not count toward the entry. The session has to be booked-not scheduled-between today and Sunday.)


In order for each additional entry to be counted, please leave a separate comment for each item above telling me what you did. There is a five entry maximum (15 if you book a session) per person. I will be checking to make sure there were no repeats and you did what you said. I know I don’t have to worry about cheating!


I plan to place all the final entries in a hat and ask my husband to draw a name. Again, the winner will be announced Monday, August 24th. Good luck!







The Bilbros! August 17, 2009

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Do you have someone you look up to? Someone you know is a genuinely kind person with good morals and good values? Someone who naturally leads others in the right direction? While in high school, I looked up to Brady McEwen. She was two years older than me, but we were involved in many of the same activities including basketball and track – my two favorites! Now, I can’t say I followed Brady as much during track season as I did during basketball because she simply did not like track…my favorite! But basketball was a totally different story. She was one of the two captains my sophomore year and she worked her tail off! When she stepped on the basketball court, she led the team – not in scoring like you might assume a great basketball leader would do – but in directing the offense, playing great defense, and most importantly in hustle.


Fortunately, Brady wasn’t just a great basketball leader. She held offices in both our local and state Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America organization as well as other organizations such as Student Council, and in her senior class. She led by being a good role model and by working hard at everything she did (aka Valedictorian!).


Brady married her high school sweetheart, Jeff Bilbro. Brady’s hard work didn’t stop in high school. She works hard in her marriage too. They always try to make time for just each other, and I think that is so important for a marriage! A couple of years later (right around the time Wade and I got married), they had a little boy, Rylan – one of the most adorable little kids you’ve ever seen! Together, they’re already leading Rylan to be kind to others. In addition, Brady and Jeff have been active in their local church and are currently serving in the youth department as volunteers. Again, leading and serving others!


Unfortunately, most people aren’t going to remember what Brady did in high school or even what she is doing now. But I remember and she made an impact on me. I knew early on I was never going to be a top scorer in basketball. But when I saw how vital Brady was to the team in her specific role, I was bound and determined to be vital too. And my senior year, I attempted to direct the offense, play great defense, and most importantly hustle my rear off! You’ll have to check with my Dad to see if I was actually successful…


What an honor it was for Brady to request that I take their family portraits. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with an amazingly cute little boy, and two fellow photography buffs!





Bilbro-5 bw


















Bilbro-30 bw





















Bilbro-73 bw


I ♥ Faces August 10, 2009

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Another  I Faces contest is underway. This week’s photo challenge is “Funy, Silly Faces” and “Pets.” I was getting ready to look through my pictures to determine which one I wanted to enter into the contest when I remembered precious little Micara. This picture cracks me up every time I see it! She looks like she might rip the camera from my hands and throw it across the yard!








Micara-17 bw copy