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Elijah and Noah August 3, 2009

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We’re back, and I’m sick. What else is new? I tell you what, my immune system must be shutting down. I’ve never been sick so much in my whole life! This past year was my first year of teaching and because of that and the fact that I’m a girl, my dad told me to get ready because I’d probably be sick a lot. Well, he was more than right. With the flu in the fall, strep throat in the spring, and many sinus infections in before, after, and in between, I’m beginning to wonder what it feels like to be HEALTHY! Besides, I’ve been finished teaching for two months! Although, I suppose I can handle a head cold or two when there are many families struggling with much more difficult health problems than a cough and stuffy nose. I was reminded today of how precious life truly is and how quickly it passes after reading David Wenzel’s blog. So I guess I need to tough it up and quit complaining!


On to a brand new blog:



“So, when’s the baby coming?”

This is exactly what my cousin, Elijah, asked immediately following our wedding. In fact, it might have been our wedding day! At six years of age, he simply assumed that once a couple married, the baby was just part of the package! Thankfully, its not because Wade and I have thoroughly enjoyed our year and a half of marriage with just the two of us. Many times when asked when we’re planning to have kids, I’m always given the advice to take our time and don’t rush in to starting a family because our time together will be few and far between for many years once the babies come! If only I could convince my mom of this…….


Elijah and Noah are my two little cousins whom I have not seen or spent time with in about two years. After moving to Memphis when Wade and I got married, the time spent with family greatly decreased. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend some time with these two crazy fellows. I say crazy because they were wound up and full of energy during our session. Noah was crazkin’ us all up and making Elijah (and me for that matter) laugh during every pose. It was hilarious! I also saw first hand how very different they are. Elijah is sensitive and quite proper while Noah is very rough and tough. We took a couple of pictures of their sheep and Noah practically tackled a couple of them. I couldn’t even do that. Elijah is a super good communicator and will carry on a conversation like he’s 16. Needless to say, it was nice to spend some time with these guys, and I got a few good pictures along the way. Well, maybe more than a few. They are so handsome I just couldn’t decide!!!





This might be my all-time favorite…

Greenwell-28 bw






Greenwell-42 copy bw



















Greenwell-36 picnik

























Greenwell-7 bw
























Greenwell-49 bw








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