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The Bilbros! August 17, 2009

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Do you have someone you look up to? Someone you know is a genuinely kind person with good morals and good values? Someone who naturally leads others in the right direction? While in high school, I looked up to Brady McEwen. She was two years older than me, but we were involved in many of the same activities including basketball and track – my two favorites! Now, I can’t say I followed Brady as much during track season as I did during basketball because she simply did not like track…my favorite! But basketball was a totally different story. She was one of the two captains my sophomore year and she worked her tail off! When she stepped on the basketball court, she led the team – not in scoring like you might assume a great basketball leader would do – but in directing the offense, playing great defense, and most importantly in hustle.


Fortunately, Brady wasn’t just a great basketball leader. She held offices in both our local and state Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America organization as well as other organizations such as Student Council, and in her senior class. She led by being a good role model and by working hard at everything she did (aka Valedictorian!).


Brady married her high school sweetheart, Jeff Bilbro. Brady’s hard work didn’t stop in high school. She works hard in her marriage too. They always try to make time for just each other, and I think that is so important for a marriage! A couple of years later (right around the time Wade and I got married), they had a little boy, Rylan – one of the most adorable little kids you’ve ever seen! Together, they’re already leading Rylan to be kind to others. In addition, Brady and Jeff have been active in their local church and are currently serving in the youth department as volunteers. Again, leading and serving others!


Unfortunately, most people aren’t going to remember what Brady did in high school or even what she is doing now. But I remember and she made an impact on me. I knew early on I was never going to be a top scorer in basketball. But when I saw how vital Brady was to the team in her specific role, I was bound and determined to be vital too. And my senior year, I attempted to direct the offense, play great defense, and most importantly hustle my rear off! You’ll have to check with my Dad to see if I was actually successful…


What an honor it was for Brady to request that I take their family portraits. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with an amazingly cute little boy, and two fellow photography buffs!





Bilbro-5 bw


















Bilbro-30 bw





















Bilbro-73 bw


8 Responses to “The Bilbros!”

  1. Brady Bilbro Says:

    Well, that sure made my day. I didn’t know all that. Although, I don’t think you really needed a role model because you would’ve hustled no matter what and held strong to your morals. Anyway, the pics looks great as I already know and you’ve improved so much already in such a short time. You’ll have no problem getting clients! Thanks again for a great session!

  2. Noelle Says:

    love the water pictures!

  3. Becky Bilbro Says:

    Of course I loved the pictures, I’m Rylan’s grandma!! You are doing a great job for just having started! Keep up the good work. I enjoyed the blog about Brady, also.

  4. Linda Wicks Says:

    What a lovely tribute to Brady!! I’ve been a fan of her’s since she was in High School, too. The pictures are lovely.

    Now you need to talk Tyler & Noelle Wicks into taking their pictures (I’m Tyler’s mom).

  5. Tatum Says:

    Your pictures are awesome!! I particularly loved the water ones too! Of course I’m a fan of the subject matter as well! 😉 Wish we were closer and we’d have you take some pictures for us!

  6. Brandi Smith Says:

    Your pictures are truly awesome! I am so envious of people who can see things in this world and create such amazing photos! Loved the pictures of Rylan (mostly the facial expressions you captured). Keep up the great work!!!

  7. amandathiessen Says:

    hes adorable!

  8. Anna Miller Says:

    Those are way cute! I think Rylan is looking more like Jeff now! It looks like his hair is turning a little blonde!

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