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PopATot Giveaway! August 18, 2009

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That’s right folks! My very first giveaway! And this is an amazing first giveaway to start with as I was totally impressed the moment I saw it. I fully intend on getting one – when I need it that is! 😉


Stacy Ellsworth of Bethalto, IL is the co-founder and co-owner of the incredible PopATot! The PopATot is a portable, collapsible baby activity center. The baby center is stored in a 36″ x 5″ case that can be easily carried over the shoulder. When you’re ready to use it – whether outdoors or indoors – simply pull it out of the case and POP it into place! Once in place, you may clip up to five toys into the outter edges and also provide your child with a snack and/or drink in the provided cup holders. GENIUS!


Stacy is a friend of my in-laws and actually recruited my niece Mia to help her promote the PopATot during a LIVE Great Day St. Louis segment Monday morning! After watching the video, you’ll notice Mia is rockin’ a stylish hot pink PopATot while randomly screaming for her momma, Julie. For this giveaway, one lucky blog reader will win the original red and blue PopATot valued at $49.99! SO COOL!!!!!!



Entering the contest (super easy)!


1. Go to Great Day St. Louis and watch the segment advertising the amazing PopATot!

2. Leave a comment (bottom right hand corner of this post) telling me about your favorite part of the segment and your favorite thing about the PopATot.


Contest ends THIS Sunday, August 23rd at 10:59pm (Central), 11:59pm (Eastern), 8:59pm (Pacific).

Winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday, August 24th.




   Additional Entries!
  • Twitter about this giveaway! (Promote this contest by linking this blog post to your tweet)
  • Blog about this giveaway! (Promote this contest by linking this blog post your personal blog)
  • Facebook this giveaway! (Update your status to promote this contest! Or provide a link to this blog post)
  • Follow edobsonphoto on Twitter!


BONUS Entry!

  • Receive 10 BONUS entries by booking one session with Emily Dobson Photography! (In order for this to remain fair, previous bookings will not count toward the entry. The session has to be booked-not scheduled-between today and Sunday.)


In order for each additional entry to be counted, please leave a separate comment for each item above telling me what you did. There is a five entry maximum (15 if you book a session) per person. I will be checking to make sure there were no repeats and you did what you said. I know I don’t have to worry about cheating!


I plan to place all the final entries in a hat and ask my husband to draw a name. Again, the winner will be announced Monday, August 24th. Good luck!







16 Responses to “PopATot Giveaway!”

  1. mycrzylife Says:

    updated my facebook status with contest link

  2. mycrzylife Says:

    ok, i think the favorite thing about the segment was watching Beacon (sorry if i spelled it wrong!) cheesing at the camera when she realized she was on tv! she was adorable

    i really think the popatot is a great idea and i would have so used that for my kids had it been around then! i love its portability and compactness! i so know what she means about the bulky plastic ones because i still have one sitting in my living room taking up space!

    p.s. i know my kiddos are a little old for it so i just wanted to say if i win it will be a gift for my sister in law who is due in october!

  3. Kim Says:

    Brilliant! Wish they had these when my kids were little. My favorite thing about it is the portablility.

  4. Kim Says:

    updated my status on FB!

  5. […] known about it before and that they would have had it when Sarai was little.  Go over to my friend Emily’s blog and enter to win one!  Plus while you are there take a look at the amazing photos on her site. […]

  6. Stephanie Hall Says:

    I posted on facebook for you 😉

  7. I love the idea of this product! Where were these 2 years ago when my son was born!

    The best part is the portability and durability of them! The best part of the segment was when the little girl noticed she was on tv.

  8. MIsty Dyer Says:

    Love the portability ! Wish when my girls were growing up they had something like this. Great, originial baby shower gift. Especially for parents who have older kids in sports because when you take a little one to a baseball or football game it can be hard to occupy a little one and still be able to watch your other kid play. With the PopATot you wouldnt be worried the little one is going to fall through the bleachers or crawl all over the dirty ground and they would be entertained so you could watch the game. No heavy pack n play to lug or blanket too lay on the dirty ground for you kid to crawl off of.

  9. Christine Trucke Says:

    I absolutely love it! I just went on a trip to Ohio alone with my 11 month old son. We met up with 8 other moms and babies for the weekend. Having a few of these PopATots would have made things a heck of a lot easier for us moms!

  10. Kim B Says:

    These are really cool. I actually saw them a few months ago somewhere and thought they looked great.

    Mia was really cute on the video sucking her thumb. I loved it when she laid back – looked really comfy!! She’s a cute kid.

  11. Brooke Pilant Says:

    i love it- steele would love it too! i hope i win- he could use it so much at the football games coming up when we tailgate… pick me- pick me 🙂

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