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Out of Town September 27, 2009

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Tonight, Wade and I are headed out of town for a few days. If you remember from the particular blog post, his grandaddy is very sick. We’re headed to Alton, IL after Student Worship tonight and will be traveling down ti Mississippi first thing in the morning. We’re looking forward to spending a little bit of time with him (if his body will allow it) and also some time with Wade’s Uncle Tommy and mother, Luanne. We will be returning late Wednesday night and I will start checking my e-mails and voicemails again on Thursday. If you’re interested in booking a Holiday Session or Regular Session, please know that I am completely booked in October, but still have slots available in November.


Have a good week!!


And of course, a picture from this afternoon’s engagement session:




Isaac and Adysen September 23, 2009

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I have the cutest family in the world! If you remember, I have the opportunity to take pictures of my adorable little cousins Elijah and Noah in July. Well, back in August I also had the opportunity to photograph my older cousin’s PRECIOUS two kids, Isaac and Adysen. My cousins, Amanda and Ashley were definitely my buddies growing up. We have endless home videos of our infamous entertainment including amazing vocals, killer dance moves, obnoxious cheers, and one of my all-time favorites: the Christmas performance (although that one included ALL of the cousins). We memorized the Saved By the Bell dance routine when Jesse was on caffine pills (I was totally Kelly!) and we tortured our Grandparents with endless cheers and stunts all the way to (AND FROM I might add) WYOMING!!!!!!!! Can you imagine?! 


Amanda, Ashley, and I are all grown up now have like most adults, we have lives our own. We don’t get to see each other very often, but always look forward to (along with everyone else in the fam) Christmas at Grandma Betty’s. It’s totally a tradition for the 22 (almost 24!) grandchildren (and grandchildren-in-laws) and great-grandchild to get together with all the aunts and uncles to have a splendid lunch in the house’s newest addition, followed by a very long, drawn-out present opening. Seriously, every single person has at least two presents and we open them one-by-one with ridiculous amounts of clapping in between. Most importantly, we take time to read and remember Christ’s birth. 


Unfortunately, Christmas is still three months away (sign-up now for Christmas pictures!) so I was super excited to spend a little time with Amanda, Isaac, Adysen, and even Nate. Nate cooked a great Olive Garden Chicken dinner while we were out taking pictures. I love them and I miss them. And looking at these pictures just makes me miss them more……. is Adysen not one of the cutest toddlers you’ve ever seen in your whole life?!?! 


Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to take pictures of the newest addition when she arrives in the Spring! 


















Ballard-19 bw







Randomness September 21, 2009

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As I sit here on this Monday morning, I am amazed at how quickly the weekends pass! While I am okay with Monday approaching, my busy husband has been going non-stop since Friday afternoon. Between tailgating before the football game, an exciting trip to Six Flags, and an unusual extended youth night last night, I’m exhausted for him! Fortunately, my days are typically a bit more relaxed. For example, I was unable to go to Six Flags with the youth, so I stayed home, finished up a senior session, and read over half of New Moon. I stinkin’ love the Twilight series! This is my second time reading it and I am completely stoked about the upcoming release of the new movie on November 20th!!!!! So while Wade’s running around like a crazy person, I’m at home obsessing over the relationship of Bella and Edward. Ah the life…


While traveling down the road of professional photography, I am also substitute teaching whenever I get the opportunity. Why do I tell you this? I simply want you to be aware of the fact that some days I am away from my at-home office. There will be days I respond to your e-mails and facebook messages almost immediately while other days I will have to wait until I return home.


Please don’t forget about the 2009 Holiday Packages I’m offering! NOW is the time to book as October is pretty much full and I’m already filling in November. It’s a great opportunity to get your Christmas cards custom-made and printed early while also giving to a good cause. Be sure to check out that particular blog post for more information!


Also, I am thrilled to announce that couples responded quickly to my free session giveaways and all of the slots are now gone. However, this does not mean that I am unavailable schedule you a full engagement session. So please, contact me for more information regarding my engagement sessions at emilydobsonphotography@yahoo.com.


The new website is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to conduct all of these couples’ sessions and officially launch it! It’s going to be awesome!


Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by!


And for two recent session previews (Brooke Warren-Macon Senior Photography; Megan & Zach-Shelbina Engagement Photography):







Brooke-42 bw










Beth Turner – {Centralia, MO Senior Photography} September 18, 2009

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During the earlier years of my life, I lived all over northeast Missouri. My parents and I started in Shelbina, lived in the Hannibal-LaGrange College boys’ dorm, Crouch, moved back to Shelbina, then moved to Paris. We were in Paris for 4 years (I think) before we moved back to Shelbyville, the back to Shelbina. Shew!


While in Paris, from the age of 4-7, I made a realy good friend named Beth. My mom always called her Betha Wetha. Beth has the coolest barbies in the world and she always got to play with the good ones! Sometimes, this caused major arguments… yes, we argued over barbie dolls. I learned to ride a bike without training wheels at Beth’s house. I remember I was so excited that I got a little adventurous and started going fast! That backfired and I tipped over. We also played the piano on occasion and listened to New Kids on the Block because that was Beth’s favorite music group.


I remember little things about Beth’s house such as brushing our teeth after every meal, playing in the backyard, and not being allowed to go in her older brother’s room – although we did on occasion…


After I moved, Beth and I kept in touch through letters – yes, letters. That is until the internet came along and we hooked Beth up with a Betha Wetha e-mail address! Of course, we grew apart, but still considered each other friends. We attended each other’s graduations and met up to hang out a couple of years ago right before I got married. Though we had not hung out in a really long time, I remember going back home after we met up that last time and calling Wade to tell him how much fun I had because our girl time wasn’t full of gossip… we genuinely enjoyed one another’s company!


Well, I recently had the opporutnity to photograph Beth in Moberly, MO. Our time was rushed, but once again, I enjoyed hanging out with her! She’s such a sweet girl. Here are a few of our mock senior session pictures! They turned out great!





























New Gallery Mount! {Macon, MO Portrait and Wedding Photography} September 17, 2009

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The newest product to Emily Dobson Photography:


Introducing the Everlasting Gallery Mounts!

After you order prints, do you ever get frustrated with the additional time and cost of traditional framing and matting once the prints are finally in your hands? Well, I have the perfect solution for you! The gallery mount is a modern way to present your images as finished pieces and display them without the additional time and cost! Providing a classic look, each flush edge is finished with a bevel edge color: black or white. Each piece comes ready to hang with a keyhole opening and ranges in size from 4 x 6 to 36 x 48. For sizes 10 x 10 or larger, combine up to five of your favorite images for an elegant, custom-designed collage (at no additional charge).



10x20 Gallery Mount





20x24 Gallery Mount





Peavler gift - Final B BLOG





I just ordered one of these for a client and I absolutely loved it! Hints the reason I’m offering it to you. They are quite stunning.



Contact me for a price quote!


Peavler Children’s Portraits – {Macon, MO Children’s Photographer} September 16, 2009

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Working with Tabitha Thompson of Simply Weddings Photography has been such a blessing. She is truly one of those people who just can’t help but show kindness to everyone. A true fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)! In addition to letting me shoot alongside of her at weddings, she’s already referring clients! Seriously? How cool is that?


The Peavler’s booked a children’s session with me in August and as soon as they arrived I was super excited – THEY ARE CUTE! Plus, they were excited to get their pictures taken. I recruited my husband to help out for the first few minutes of the session while I captured a couple pictures of the three of them together. Then, I was able to work with each child one-on-one. The time I get to spend with kids individually is so important in gaining their trust. During this time, it’s just me, the child and my camera. I ask them about things they like to do and BAM! they’re suddenly comfortable in front of the camera. I talked to Madison about iCarly, Jaron about spiderman and all his tricks, and I simply talked to Megan. Valerie told me before the session that Megan was a great baby as long as someone talked to her, which is why she’s a big fan of the food network! Isn’t that adorable?!


I absolutely loved this session. Thank you, Valerie, for having such a great family!  













Megan Arms






















Free Online Marketing Seminar for Photographers! September 15, 2009

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Attention Fellow Photographers (http://telesummit.thejoyofmarketing.com/affiliate/Emily_Dobson/summit):




Check out this free online marketing seminar for photographers! There are 16 different photographers sharing their knowledge with us for free! And whether you can or can’t attend the telesummit, you can purchase ALL of the conference calls for a ridiculously good price! If you register today, you can purchase it for half price – I did! I don’t want to miss a thing!! Simply click on the link below: