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Wanted: Couples! – Missouri Engagement Photography September 4, 2009

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As I prepare to launch an official photography website, I must make sure my portfolios are full of every “category” I want to showcase! Right now, my engagement portfolio is lacking…


…that is where YOU come in!


I am in need of some fun, energetic couples in their 20’s. I’ll take married couples, engaged couples, dating couples, or friends who don’t mind modeling as a couple! If you personally don’t fall into one of these categories, then nominate someone who does!


I’ll be selecting five couples to help showcase Emily Dobson Photography. Each couple will receive a free 45 minute session with 1-2 outfits. After the session, I will provide you with a complimentary CD containing 20-25 images as well as a private online gallery for you and everyone you know to view the images.


So, who’s with me?!


To apply to be one of the five couples selected, simply e-mail me at




with the following included:


Name (of each individual)

Address (City, State, and Zip will be sufficient)

1-2 Pictures (not necessarily of you together)

And something creative to make me smile! (Don’t overthink this-Shelby Heaton will tell you how much I love those popsicle jokes!) 🙂


And for a taste of what the chosen couples will receive…

















Wes&Julie-51 - 2


One Response to “Wanted: Couples! – Missouri Engagement Photography”

  1. mycrzylife Says:

    well i would volunteer josh and i, but we are definately not a 20 something couple anymore! every day i feel older and older.

    but i do want to say that whoever does this for her will not be disappointed! Emily is a great photographer (in case you couldn’t tell by looking at her photos!). so go for it!

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