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Alicia Gillean – {Macon, Missouri Maternity Photography} September 7, 2009

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Photographing mothers-to-be and little babies is not good for someone who on occasion comes down with baby fever! As newlyweds (if you consider a year and a half still newly married), Wade and I enjoy thinking about kids, but haven’t convinced ourselves that we’re ready for full-time parenthood! We thoroughly enjoy our time together and the flexibility we have with our schedules. We enjoy our “freedom” so-to-speak and find it difficult to give up. Don’t get me wrong, we totally want kids! In fact, we are planning to have two of our own and adopting two. Although, does “planning” ever work out in relation to having children??


Anyway, I had the opportunity to take maternity pictures of an old friend Alicia back in August. Alicia and I went on a mission trip together in 2006, and I’ve had the privilege of keeping in touch with her ever since. Alicia is kind-hearted and has a gentle spirit. Although she was quite scepticle of me at first (thats right Alicia, I haven’t forgotten!), we quickly clicked (say that five times!) in Miami, FL. We spent numerous hours painting a church near Little Havannah and many hours back at the church we lived in for a week worshipping, eating, and just hanging out. Alicia was engaged at the time, and although Wade wasn’t completely convinced yet, I knew we were going to get married. She reminded me time and time again how ticked she’d be if Wade and I ended up married before her (David and Alicia were high school sweethearts, so they dated for quite some time)! Don’t worry, they beat us-by two months. 🙂


Once again, they’re ahead of us. Baby Gillean is due September 27-30. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend some time with both Alicia and her husband David. David always cracks me up! Can’t wait to meet your baby boy… or girl!



Alicia-25 bw














Alicia-34 bw














Alicia-1 bw


One Response to “Alicia Gillean – {Macon, Missouri Maternity Photography}”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Love the blog post and my pictures:) Can’t wait for you & Wade to start a family, but until then, you can enjoy our new son/daughter who I’m sure will be crazy enough to keep you content for as long as you want to remain baby free!

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