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Peavler Children’s Portraits – {Macon, MO Children’s Photographer} September 16, 2009

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Working with Tabitha Thompson of Simply Weddings Photography has been such a blessing. She is truly one of those people who just can’t help but show kindness to everyone. A true fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)! In addition to letting me shoot alongside of her at weddings, she’s already referring clients! Seriously? How cool is that?


The Peavler’s booked a children’s session with me in August and as soon as they arrived I was super excited – THEY ARE CUTE! Plus, they were excited to get their pictures taken. I recruited my husband to help out for the first few minutes of the session while I captured a couple pictures of the three of them together. Then, I was able to work with each child one-on-one. The time I get to spend with kids individually is so important in gaining their trust. During this time, it’s just me, the child and my camera. I ask them about things they like to do and BAM! they’re suddenly comfortable in front of the camera. I talked to Madison about iCarly, Jaron about spiderman and all his tricks, and I simply talked to Megan. Valerie told me before the session that Megan was a great baby as long as someone talked to her, which is why she’s a big fan of the food network! Isn’t that adorable?!


I absolutely loved this session. Thank you, Valerie, for having such a great family!  













Megan Arms






















17 Responses to “Peavler Children’s Portraits – {Macon, MO Children’s Photographer}”

  1. Beth Says:

    Of course cute kids make for a great picture! I love the picture of Madison and Jaron kissing Megan.

  2. Angie Schmitt Tate Says:

    I was amazed at the quality of the pictures of the Peavler family. The poses were perfect and the color of the photos is unbelievable…job well done!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I loved these photos. I love the lighting and the backgrounds are real and fabulous. I like how you got the background colors but the scenery is faded focusing on the kids themselves. Great job!

  4. Valerie Says:

    Aww…you are too kind! You are an awesome photographer and an awesome person. I can’t get over how clear and lifelike your images are. Everyone I share them with is singing your praises. The first time I visited your blog I knew I had to have you photograph my children. I will always treasure these pictures! I told you I wanted to capture how much my big kids love their baby sister, and I think you did that beautifully! You went above and beyond in every way and I am now one of your biggest fans!

  5. Serenity Says:

    These pictures are wonderful! My favorite is the first one – of all three. These are some seriously photogenic children. But the coloring and focus in the photos is just gorgeous.

  6. Tish Says:

    The Peavler family pics are absolutely amazing!! These are my cousins and soo proud of their adorable family, what an amazing adventure and you have truly captured the moments!!

  7. Rachel Says:

    Hi Emiy! Love your work – Valerie emailed me this link and I also grew up with Tabitha Thompson so all of this sinks in very well. I love the togetherness of the group of three shot especially and the colors and clarity are gorgeous. Beautiful pictures of beautiful kids. Thanks for sharing, Valerie!

  8. Nikki Moyer Says:

    Love, love,love these pictures! Of course, they had to turn out great with such adorable kids!!

  9. Julie Says:

    The pictures are cute, but you’re right: they are cute kids!! Valerie is doing a wonderful job with them, and you did a great job capturing that!

  10. Jody Gunnels Says:

    These pictures are awesome! I know Valerie and her kids and how cute they are in person, and these pics reflect their personalities. I absolutely love the one of Madison and Jaron kissing Megan. Priceless.

  11. I love the shot of Madison and Jaron kissing Megan.
    They are all good.

  12. Jewell Head Says:

    These pictures are great!!! Keep up the good work!! I like the one of all three children and the one of Valerie and Megan too.
    There really isn’t a favorite as they are all good.

  13. "Aunt" Vanita Weber Says:

    Love the pictures. The colors are great. So clear and bright.

  14. Mary Ellen Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Very bright and vibrant color!

  15. Gina Says:

    Great pictures. I love the one of the two older kids kissing Megan.

  16. Lachelle Hatcher Says:

    I loved the pictures that Val had done of the kids at your studio, they were so cute. I can’t wait to put my new picture up on my wall!!!

  17. Lou Says:

    I love the photo of the kids kissing thier baby sister! I also love the close up of Jarron.

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