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Beth Turner – {Centralia, MO Senior Photography} September 18, 2009

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During the earlier years of my life, I lived all over northeast Missouri. My parents and I started in Shelbina, lived in the Hannibal-LaGrange College boys’ dorm, Crouch, moved back to Shelbina, then moved to Paris. We were in Paris for 4 years (I think) before we moved back to Shelbyville, the back to Shelbina. Shew!


While in Paris, from the age of 4-7, I made a realy good friend named Beth. My mom always called her Betha Wetha. Beth has the coolest barbies in the world and she always got to play with the good ones! Sometimes, this caused major arguments… yes, we argued over barbie dolls. I learned to ride a bike without training wheels at Beth’s house. I remember I was so excited that I got a little adventurous and started going fast! That backfired and I tipped over. We also played the piano on occasion and listened to New Kids on the Block because that was Beth’s favorite music group.


I remember little things about Beth’s house such as brushing our teeth after every meal, playing in the backyard, and not being allowed to go in her older brother’s room – although we did on occasion…


After I moved, Beth and I kept in touch through letters – yes, letters. That is until the internet came along and we hooked Beth up with a Betha Wetha e-mail address! Of course, we grew apart, but still considered each other friends. We attended each other’s graduations and met up to hang out a couple of years ago right before I got married. Though we had not hung out in a really long time, I remember going back home after we met up that last time and calling Wade to tell him how much fun I had because our girl time wasn’t full of gossip… we genuinely enjoyed one another’s company!


Well, I recently had the opporutnity to photograph Beth in Moberly, MO. Our time was rushed, but once again, I enjoyed hanging out with her! She’s such a sweet girl. Here are a few of our mock senior session pictures! They turned out great!





























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