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Isaac and Adysen September 23, 2009

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I have the cutest family in the world! If you remember, I have the opportunity to take pictures of my adorable little cousins Elijah and Noah in July. Well, back in August I also had the opportunity to photograph my older cousin’s PRECIOUS two kids, Isaac and Adysen. My cousins, Amanda and Ashley were definitely my buddies growing up. We have endless home videos of our infamous entertainment including amazing vocals, killer dance moves, obnoxious cheers, and one of my all-time favorites: the Christmas performance (although that one included ALL of the cousins). We memorized the Saved By the Bell dance routine when Jesse was on caffine pills (I was totally Kelly!) and we tortured our Grandparents with endless cheers and stunts all the way to (AND FROM I might add) WYOMING!!!!!!!! Can you imagine?! 


Amanda, Ashley, and I are all grown up now have like most adults, we have lives our own. We don’t get to see each other very often, but always look forward to (along with everyone else in the fam) Christmas at Grandma Betty’s. It’s totally a tradition for the 22 (almost 24!) grandchildren (and grandchildren-in-laws) and great-grandchild to get together with all the aunts and uncles to have a splendid lunch in the house’s newest addition, followed by a very long, drawn-out present opening. Seriously, every single person has at least two presents and we open them one-by-one with ridiculous amounts of clapping in between. Most importantly, we take time to read and remember Christ’s birth. 


Unfortunately, Christmas is still three months away (sign-up now for Christmas pictures!) so I was super excited to spend a little time with Amanda, Isaac, Adysen, and even Nate. Nate cooked a great Olive Garden Chicken dinner while we were out taking pictures. I love them and I miss them. And looking at these pictures just makes me miss them more……. is Adysen not one of the cutest toddlers you’ve ever seen in your whole life?!?! 


Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to take pictures of the newest addition when she arrives in the Spring! 


















Ballard-19 bw







2 Responses to “Isaac and Adysen”

  1. Shelby Says:

    How adorable!! (:

  2. sara-anne Says:

    These are beautiful…love their eyes!

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