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M.I.A. – {Macon, Missouri Portrait & Wedding Photographer} October 24, 2009

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I’ve pretty much been M.I.A. for the past couple of weeks. My apologies! The trip to Mississippi was extremely long. The long driving trips are just exhausting! Especially when you have a husband that likes to fall asleep at the wheel… BUT, it was so good to see Wade’s extended family and celebrate the marriage of Brad & Cari!


This week has been eventful! Monday afternoon from Columbia to Macon, and again Tuesday morning, I made numerous phone calls trying to find preservative free vaccinations for both seasonal flu and H1N1. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes now thinking, “Just one more person to overreact about the flu bug.” BUT, I have every reason to be paranoid. Seriously. Just listen.


Last year, I had the achy flu in the fall, strep throat in the spring, and who knows how many sinus infections in between. My immune system is failing. I’m 23, and my immune system has decided it’s done serving me. Can you believe it?! Okay, maybe not. But this is why I listened to my doctor who said, “No more subbing until you get vaccinated.” Since I need to be subbing, this presented a slight problem. Even more so when every health department and pharamacy within 60 miles didn’t have anything to offer a PREGNANT lady! Fortunately, I found the H1N1 Tuesday and headed back to subbing Wednesday.


But that’s not all! Tuesday I had the opportunity to visit my cousin Ash and her daughter, Kylie. Poor thing found out she’s allergic to dairy this week. I wanted to cry for her since I’m lactose intolerant as well. Fortunately for me, I don’t break out in hives like Kylie when I eat dairy. Fortunately for Kylie, she will grow out of it by age 6!


Later that evening, Wade and I traveled to my parents house to let them know they are going to be grandparents. They definitely don’t seem old enough to be grandparents… but I don’t seem old enough to be a mom either. Good thing I have 7 more months to mentally prepare for it! I will be 10 weeks tomorrow, and the fatigue is surely taking over. It’s quite annoying. So is the random nausea! I’ll feel great for hours, and in a matter of minutes I’m telling Wade, “I’m going to puke!” Even this brings a smile to my face though. I am absolutely thrilled to bring a new life into this world with my amazing, Godly, and ridiculously crazy Bama fan husband. This will be an exciting journey for us both!


Yesterday, I spent the day catching up on editing. Today, I’m doing the same thing. I had an engagement session this morning, another planned for tomorrow, and a senior session on Monday. God, please bring us good weather!


Anthony and Natalie came to Macon today for their engagement session and it was great fun! They had me crackin’ up over and over again. I can’t wait until their wedding on June 11th – hopefully baby cooperates so we don’t have to go to plan B!


And before I leave, enjoy a little taste of what I’ve been up to:

































Anth&Nat-63 bw


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