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Shaylee Jean – {Macon, Missouri Children’s Photography} October 31, 2009

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May I just say that sometimes technology frustrates me to no end? Why is it that my blog randomly decides when it isn’t going to let me use the normal font I use on a regular basis? It looks so unprofessional! And, needless to say, it is driving me crazy. This is twice in a row it won’t allow me to use the same size and style font I want…


Blog! I DO NOT like you today!


But what I do like is Shaylee. I am so glad we live closer to Christian and Stephanie now. We’re able to visit each other and meet up in Columbia much more often than we used to when we lived in Memphis and they lived in Kentucky. It was quite sad. Now that we’re closer, Stephanie and I can share maternity clothes (since we’re only TWO weeks apart!), and Wade and I can watch Shaylee grow (we don’t really care about hanging out with Christian and Steph anymore)! Annnnnd listen to her talk? I was with Steph and Shaylee this past week and I said, “Shaylee, you are cute. But you’re little voice just takes the cuteness to a WHOLE new level!” I love it! Shaylee and I created a trick together this week…I taught her how to cheer. She hops up on my thigh and while I hold on she throws her hands up in the air and says, “Go team!” She also knows how to kick and cradle too – we’re quite a pair I tell ya!


Here are some pictures from awhile back that are just absolutely precious. Isn’t she crazy adorable?!











































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3 Responses to “Shaylee Jean – {Macon, Missouri Children’s Photography}”

  1. Brady Bilbro Says:

    Adorable little girl! Great pics! Love the pigtails!

  2. Lori Says:

    Steph and Shaylee are two of the most stunningly beautiful people I know!!! Gorgeous – I tell ya!

    Thanks for sharing these pics! They are great.

  3. heaton6 Says:

    she is so cute

    -makenzie heaton

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