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Toooomorrow! November 19, 2009

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  …Toooooooooomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow! You’re only a day away!



Yes friends, tomorrow is the day I’ve been anticipating for months. And I seriously mean MONTHS. This exact weekend last year, I remember talking to my mom over the phone (because I didn’t have texting at the time) and almost losing my sanity when she told me she went to watch a vampire movie with my sister. “How unrealistic!” I thought to myself, and of course made fun of her for it. She laughed and said, “But it was a really good love story!” I seriously thought she’d lost her mind. Over the next several weeks, I started noticing a poster or two hanging on our middle school walls, and suddenly my students and basketball girls were talking about the Twilight Saga. The end of the semester rolled around, and we were about to go on Christmas break. The teachers got together for a little Christmas party and had a gift exchange. It was my first year of teaching, and I did not want to be left out of all the fun, so I bought my gift and anxiously anticipated “Dirty Santa” (stealing each other’s gifts). There were a few items I had my eye on, but one gift in particular caught my attention and never let it go… wouldn’t you know, the Librarian brought the books Twilight and New Moon. It totally didn’t matter that there were like six Snickers bars and five Twix bars to accompany it. While I awaited my turn, I decided I wanted to try something new and READ over break. Such a novel idea, I know. When it was finally my turn, I reached for the gift I watched the entire night and jumped for joy (on the inside of course…) when it was finally in my hands. A turn or two later, my stinkin’ co-PE teacher stole it from me!!!!!!!!!!! I looked at him and said, “Are you kidding me?! What are YOU going to do with Twilight and New Moon?!” I was ticked. Although, what should I have expected, it was totally a Coach Craig moment.



Now, the rest of the game is suddenly a bit blurry. I either stole the books back or asked if Coach Craig would trade with me…. I can’t remember anything these days. Turns out, he wanted the third book included in the pack… the one I wasn’t paying a lick of attention to… and the one I can’t even remember the title to. I graciously gave it up, and my wonderful, most amazing, and CRAZY co-teacher let me keep the books. Too bad my husband had to deal with the consequences…



It took approximately one night of reading to become completely obsessed with Bella and Edward. I spent my entire Christmas vacation reading the series. During the day, I was completely torn. I wanted to spend time with my husband and all of my immediate and extended family… but I also wanted to spend time with Bella and Edward! So I spent the days with the fam and nights with the books. I’d stay up until about 2am (when I was falling asleep with the book in my hands) to read and read and read. I finally finished the series on New Year’s Day.



Of course, I watched the movie in theatres… twice. I went and bought the Twilight movie at midnight on my birthday. I reread the books about a month ago. And now, I FINALLY get to see New Moon tomorrow! It releases at midnight, but I’m waiting patiently to see it with my buddy Lori. We’re meeting in Cape Girardeau, along with our husbands, for a New Moon weekend! It’s going to be FANTASTIC!!!!! And you know it.



So while I’m on the subject of teenagers, I might as well blog about one!



Brooke is a senior at Macon High School. She pitched for the softball team who played very well this season. I really enjoyed our session together and she was very sweet and easy to talk to. And her mom was great too! We had the chance to go out to the country for some middle-of-nowhere pictures, which I think turned out awesome. Although, have you seen Brooke?! I swear she was a model in another life time. Look at her gorgeous images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




2 Responses to “Toooomorrow!”

  1. Amanda Prenger Says:

    Brooke your picture is great! So cute!!! 🙂

  2. Jamie Roth Says:

    These are great pictures!!! Brooke you look absolutely gorgeous like always! I love them!

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