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The Result December 28, 2009

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I’m sitting in front of the computer waiting for my husband to come home from work so we can head on to Palmyra for my side of the family’s Christmas. We just returned from Mississippi yesterday where we spent several days with his family and treasuring the days with Granddaddy. It was nice to see everyone for the first time in awhile, and we especially enjoyed some good home cookin’ and of course the two cutest nieces ever! Unfortunately, I’m a loser and I have zero pictures from the weekend as I forgot my camera. I’m in no-work-mode right now and I’m trying to stick to it as best as possible, and I guess the mode got the best of me last week when I had the flu, and I walked straight out the door and into the car without my beloved other half (speaking of the camera here).



While sitting here waiting, I realized I never updated you on how the cinnamon rolls turned out! I woke up with an awful 24-hour stomach flu last Tuesday, and I couldn’t do anything except run to the toilet – yuck! So I never go to try one. But Wade did as well as some his fellow employees…the response? “Pretty good.” So in otherwords, they weren’t that great, but they were tolerable. I suppose tolgerable isn’t too bad for the first batch of homemade cinnamon rolls. Not sure how often I’ll continue down that path, but at least I can say I’ve tried it!



I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season! I am thoroughly enjoying my break from work, and am looking forward to some fun tonight! Before I go, here is a photo thats sure to make you smile:






Cinnamon Rolls – {Macon, MO Portrait and Wedding Photographer} December 22, 2009

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Are you been ever in the mood to try something new? To branch out into the world and do something out of the ordinary? Not necessarily out of the ordinary, but something that is different and perhaps challenging for you? Yesterday afternoon, I took a step into the unknown – a step into the world of homemade cinnamon rolls.



If I’m perfectly honest, I will admit that Wade is the cook in our house. While my mom tried to teach me how to cook throughout my teenage years, I resisted the help. I didn’t have the desire to learn. I figured, “I’ll learn when the time comes.” When Wade and I started dating, I quickly found out that he thoroughly enjoyed cooking and there are actually some pretty amazing things you can do with food…like add spices! My dad is a super plain eater, so I guess I always thought cooking was boring. Since Wade and I have been together, I’ve taken up an interest in cooking and have drastically improved over the past three years!



Now, when it comes to baking, I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert. In fact, I’d challenge almost anyone to a chocolate chip cookie bake-off. What can I say, sweets drew my attention from a very young age! How can anyone resist the incredible satisfaction experienced after swallowing a big spoonful or cookie dough or brownie batter?



Last week at school, I substituted for a classroom that made homemade cinnamon rolls. I was quite intrigued by the process and thought, “I can do this!” I was attentive throughout instruction and even helped knead the dough. So when I decided yesterday was the day I was going to experiment, I was stoked. I went and bought everything I needed and took on Paula Deen’s homemade recipe.



With the Macon First Baptist staff Christmas party last night, I was on a bit of a schedule. I finished kneading the dough exactly on schedule. I simply set it aside and waited for it to rise “double in size.” Proud and excited, I went to my dough an hour later, and to my uttmost disappointment, it hadn’t grown a centimeter. I was ticked. All that time, energy, and ingredients wasted. I called my mom to whine, and she offered support…as did my facebook friends. I left everything out and finished my afternoon busily preparing for the staff Christmas party.


Upon returning from the Christmas party (which was quite entertaining I must say!), Wade informed me that the dough had risen! HALLELUIA, it’s alive! While, the moment of truth has yet to arrive, I must announce that there is a spark of hope left inside. Will this new adventure turn out to be a success after all? Or will my original assessment of FAILURE make itself all too clear again? Friends, we shall see.



Stay tuned for the revelation of truth…



(Again, because everyone likes pictures: check out these details from an gorgeous October wedding in Mississippi from Bradi and Cari)














Amber Brown – {Macon, MO Senior Photographer} December 21, 2009

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This morning I finished editing my final session for 2009. It feels good to finally be caught up, and have some time to work on other areas of my business. I’m also looking forward to a relaxing break with nothing hanging over my head to be done – yay! 


Right now, I’d like to showcase my senior session with Amber. We met up several weeks ago for a senior session around downtown Macon. It was nice to have some girl time and get to know Amber (and her good friend Morgan) during this time – both very sweet girls! Amber looks beautiful in these photos, and I hope you’ll take some time to leave her some love (by leaving a comment)!












What’s New in 2010?! December 20, 2009

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 As the holiday season approaches, I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for following my blog over the past year. It is has been a true blessing to see the number of people who stop by and view my work. Blog readers: you help make my photography business successful!


With these Christmas wishes, I’d like to inform you of some exciting changes for Emily Dobson Photography that will be taking place as the 2010 year approaches. Recently, I have been reflecting on my business life and determining what has worked successfully and what could use a little tweeking! The major adjustments to be made are outlined in this post. 


First, I will soon be taking some time off for the holidays and through the new year. I will be closed December 23 – January 5. While bookings will begin much sooner, sessions will start back up again mid to late February.


Probably the most exciting change is the launch of a brand new professional website! I am thrilled to finally have the opportunity to showcase several of my beautiful 2009 clients on an organized photo gallery website. Right now, I am refining all of the details with the goal of launching the site before December 31st. Please check my blog often for updates!


Over the past year, I have had the privilege of starting a brand new business and offering clients great start-up rates for custom photography. I am amazed at how God has blessed my business in these first several months, and grateful for the awesome clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with. As 2010 approaches, my session and product rates will be adjusted. However, anyone who wants to schedule a session for the 2010 year may do so by December 31st and still receive 2009 pricing. So think about those special events coming up whether you’re looking for senior pictures before graduation, a family Easter picture, or maybe a nice Mother’s Day gift, etc. I am currently accepting sessions all through the Spring. Please e-mail me at this brand new professional e-mail address: info@emilydobson.com. The first five people to book a session for 2010 will receive $20 off the session fee. In addition, I will give everyone who books a session scheduled in February a complimentary 8×10


With a baby on the way and an expectation that every client receives the best service possible, I will be limiting my workload to a maximum of two sessions per week. These sessions will be conducted mainly on Monday and Tuesday afternoons/evenings with the occasional Saturday available for booking. Saturdays will be rare between youth and church ministry activities. If you wish (or prefer) to book a Saturday, please contact me as in advance as possible. I recommend booking sessions at least four weeks in advance. I am confident I will book up rather quickly. My daily workload and hours vary widely. My weekdays are filled due to my permanent substitute position with the Macon R-1 School District. During the evenings, I spend most of my time answering e-mails and editing photos. If you prefer phone contact, please specify this during initial contact, and I will give you a call as soon as I possibly can.  


I hope you have found this post to be helpful and informative. If you’re not interested in booking another session, I ask that you pass the word along to others. Don’t forget, the first five people to book a session will receive $20 off the session fee, and 2009 pricing will be in effect for all sessions booked prior to 2010. In addition, everyone who books a session scheduled in February 2010 receives a complimentary 8×10.  


May your Christmas and New Year be filled with much joy and happiness, and lots of good food too! And because everyone likes to see pictures on a photo blog, here are some great shots of my senior session with Ethan Hess (such a kind guy!):

















Merry Christmas!






And the winner is… December 12, 2009

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“Be hospitable to one another without grumbling. As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:9-10



Back in October, I published a blog post expressing my desire to give someone the opportunity to experience complimentary custom photography. I hosted a special giveaway to reward a family who is self-sacrificing and hospitable to others.




With the help of Melissa Brant, I am able recognize Joe and Shelley Fender as the winner’s of this portrait giveaway! Here is an exert from Melissa’s nomination:




“This amazing couple from Brookfield, MO have given up everything for six precious children. You see, Joe and Shelley not only have two biological children, Deavon and Leah, but they have also adopted four other children: Erik, Phoebe, Samuel, and Paige. Shelley is a stay at home mom and Joe is a self employed mechanic. They are home schooling the children. It is a wonderful testimony of their love and patience and devotion to see Joe and Shelley at church with these children. Paige will wrap her tiny arms around her daddy and then pat his cheeks with her hands in the most loving and endearing way. It touches every heart in the room to see how much this wonderful couple has given to help these children. Their life is a testimony of God’s love they have in their hearts. They have taken the commandments of Jesus to care for the orphans and put their faith into works. I am so grateful to have met them and to be inspired by them every week.”




This story personally touched my heart as Wade and I have a desire to adopt children of our own someday. We, too, want to follow Scripture’s command to care for the orphans and raise them in a loving, Christ-following home. We want to provide children with an opportunity they might not have had otherwise.




 Thank you, Joe and Shelley, for demonstrating God’s love to these six children and for inspiring others to find a way to give back.




Joe and Shelley will receive a one hour on-location session, 25 custom anytime cards, (2) 8×10, (4) 5×7, (10) 4×6, and CD of all edited images – all compliments of Emily Dobson Photography.




THANK YOU to ALL of the nominations and for giving me the opportunity to give back this year.



And to add to the Christmas spirit, enjoy these holiday cards:





















Prayers for Megan December 4, 2009

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This week, I decided to become a stalker. Here me out, okay?! 

I’m sure many of you, like myself, frequently check your facebook home page for interesting posts from all of your facebook friends. Some of you may check your favorite friends’ statuses daily. Some of you probably spend all day searching for the funniest status of the day. Or maybe you simply enjoy reading all of the statuses and look for the appropriate ones to comment on. Well this week, I’ve been noticing some unusual comments under my old college friend’s status updates. Comments such as “Our prayers are with you” and “…praying and believing in a miracle.” Ya know, comments that make you a bit…concerned. So, I decided to stalk Megan’s facebook this week. I’d randomly click on her page to see if anyone gave away a lead to what was going on in Megan’s life. Today, I decided to quit being a stalker and just send her a message already! 

Through Megan’s good sister, Mandi, I found out that Megan is having congestive heart failure…at the ripe old age of 23. While this is not certain, there is a possibility they will put Megan on the list for a heart transplant. The doctors ran a procedure yesterday and were going monitor her for the next 24 hours to see how her heart responded and held up during that time. She was in ICU, but from the sound of it they were going to move her back to her regular room today. Megan’s doctors have been and will continue to evaluate her heart. Because she is so young, they are hoping to strengthen her heart and put off the transplant for another couple of years. 

I am asking for everyone who stumbles across this post to lift up a prayer to God for Megan and her family. In the Bible, we see Jesus (and others) perform so many miracles. In Luke, He healed the leper. In Matthew, He healed the blind man from Capernaum. In John, he took a few loaves of bread and some fish and fed 5,000 people. In John, Lazarus was brought back to life when Jesus commanded him to get up. And especially during this Christmas season, how can we forget Jesus’ very own resurrection after He was crucified on a cross?! 

Megan is in need of a miracle just like the others mentioned in the Bible. And fortunately for Megan, and for every person on the face of this Earth, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He is still a God of miracles. May we come together as believers and ask God to strengthen Megan’s heart and heal it completely in His own timing. May we ask Him to provide Megan and her family with patience and trust and a sense of His presence through this difficult situation. 

My freshman year of college I had the privilege of sharing my life with two very good friends, one of which was Megan. She is one of the sweetest, kindest, most caring (AND stylish-I must include because it is SO Megan!) people I know. If you can please take two minutes out of your day to lift up one prayer for Megan, I know she would be forever grateful. 

And when you say a prayer, leave a comment for Megan. So that as frequently as she wishes she can stop by this post and be encouraged by the body Christ.