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Prayers for Megan December 4, 2009

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This week, I decided to become a stalker. Here me out, okay?! 

I’m sure many of you, like myself, frequently check your facebook home page for interesting posts from all of your facebook friends. Some of you may check your favorite friends’ statuses daily. Some of you probably spend all day searching for the funniest status of the day. Or maybe you simply enjoy reading all of the statuses and look for the appropriate ones to comment on. Well this week, I’ve been noticing some unusual comments under my old college friend’s status updates. Comments such as “Our prayers are with you” and “…praying and believing in a miracle.” Ya know, comments that make you a bit…concerned. So, I decided to stalk Megan’s facebook this week. I’d randomly click on her page to see if anyone gave away a lead to what was going on in Megan’s life. Today, I decided to quit being a stalker and just send her a message already! 

Through Megan’s good sister, Mandi, I found out that Megan is having congestive heart failure…at the ripe old age of 23. While this is not certain, there is a possibility they will put Megan on the list for a heart transplant. The doctors ran a procedure yesterday and were going monitor her for the next 24 hours to see how her heart responded and held up during that time. She was in ICU, but from the sound of it they were going to move her back to her regular room today. Megan’s doctors have been and will continue to evaluate her heart. Because she is so young, they are hoping to strengthen her heart and put off the transplant for another couple of years. 

I am asking for everyone who stumbles across this post to lift up a prayer to God for Megan and her family. In the Bible, we see Jesus (and others) perform so many miracles. In Luke, He healed the leper. In Matthew, He healed the blind man from Capernaum. In John, he took a few loaves of bread and some fish and fed 5,000 people. In John, Lazarus was brought back to life when Jesus commanded him to get up. And especially during this Christmas season, how can we forget Jesus’ very own resurrection after He was crucified on a cross?! 

Megan is in need of a miracle just like the others mentioned in the Bible. And fortunately for Megan, and for every person on the face of this Earth, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He is still a God of miracles. May we come together as believers and ask God to strengthen Megan’s heart and heal it completely in His own timing. May we ask Him to provide Megan and her family with patience and trust and a sense of His presence through this difficult situation. 

My freshman year of college I had the privilege of sharing my life with two very good friends, one of which was Megan. She is one of the sweetest, kindest, most caring (AND stylish-I must include because it is SO Megan!) people I know. If you can please take two minutes out of your day to lift up one prayer for Megan, I know she would be forever grateful. 

And when you say a prayer, leave a comment for Megan. So that as frequently as she wishes she can stop by this post and be encouraged by the body Christ. 















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