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Cinnamon Rolls – {Macon, MO Portrait and Wedding Photographer} December 22, 2009

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Are you been ever in the mood to try something new? To branch out into the world and do something out of the ordinary? Not necessarily out of the ordinary, but something that is different and perhaps challenging for you? Yesterday afternoon, I took a step into the unknown – a step into the world of homemade cinnamon rolls.



If I’m perfectly honest, I will admit that Wade is the cook in our house. While my mom tried to teach me how to cook throughout my teenage years, I resisted the help. I didn’t have the desire to learn. I figured, “I’ll learn when the time comes.” When Wade and I started dating, I quickly found out that he thoroughly enjoyed cooking and there are actually some pretty amazing things you can do with food…like add spices! My dad is a super plain eater, so I guess I always thought cooking was boring. Since Wade and I have been together, I’ve taken up an interest in cooking and have drastically improved over the past three years!



Now, when it comes to baking, I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert. In fact, I’d challenge almost anyone to a chocolate chip cookie bake-off. What can I say, sweets drew my attention from a very young age! How can anyone resist the incredible satisfaction experienced after swallowing a big spoonful or cookie dough or brownie batter?



Last week at school, I substituted for a classroom that made homemade cinnamon rolls. I was quite intrigued by the process and thought, “I can do this!” I was attentive throughout instruction and even helped knead the dough. So when I decided yesterday was the day I was going to experiment, I was stoked. I went and bought everything I needed and took on Paula Deen’s homemade recipe.



With the Macon First Baptist staff Christmas party last night, I was on a bit of a schedule. I finished kneading the dough exactly on schedule. I simply set it aside and waited for it to rise “double in size.” Proud and excited, I went to my dough an hour later, and to my uttmost disappointment, it hadn’t grown a centimeter. I was ticked. All that time, energy, and ingredients wasted. I called my mom to whine, and she offered support…as did my facebook friends. I left everything out and finished my afternoon busily preparing for the staff Christmas party.


Upon returning from the Christmas party (which was quite entertaining I must say!), Wade informed me that the dough had risen! HALLELUIA, it’s alive! While, the moment of truth has yet to arrive, I must announce that there is a spark of hope left inside. Will this new adventure turn out to be a success after all? Or will my original assessment of FAILURE make itself all too clear again? Friends, we shall see.



Stay tuned for the revelation of truth…



(Again, because everyone likes pictures: check out these details from an gorgeous October wedding in Mississippi from Bradi and Cari)














One Response to “Cinnamon Rolls – {Macon, MO Portrait and Wedding Photographer}”

  1. Melissa Brant Says:

    Oh Emily, I love you and your blog and your pictures! You make my heart smile. You got me wanting to make cinnamon rolls now. And I’ll take that chocolate chip cookie bake off anyday! My kids say mine are hands down the best! So it’s on!!!

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