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Monday Morning Blues January 25, 2010

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Okay okay, it’s not Monday morning anymore, but it’s still a bluesy Monday.



Today, I sit at home sick. For the third time in three months, I have a nasty sinus infection – yuck. And I tell you what, it’s kickin’ my butt this time! If last night was any indication of what a sleepless night will be like once our new baby arrives, I am in for a huge rude awakening. I’ve been sipping on orange juice and taking Tylenol Sinus and Sudafed to hopefully knock it out without a third Z-pack. I feel like such a druggy.



The good news is I’ve had some time to design a wedding album. With only a couple more spreads left to create, I thought I would share two of my favorites with you. My design style is simple, clean, and elegant. I want to avoid getting too trendy as wedding albums MUST stand the test of time. I can’t wait to place the order, and blog pictures of the real product as it’s going to be beautiful!



In the meantime, if anyone feels like buying me a present, I’ve recently decided I want Rachael Ray cookware – ALL of it. I mean, I’m about to be a mom and I must provide a good meal for the family, right? How can a good meal go bad with part of Rachael Ray in the house?!











Thursday’s Thoughts of Randomness January 21, 2010

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Blogging has been difficult for me to keep up with over the past month, which is partly due to the fact that I have been taking a break from conducting sessions. But I hate to neglect the blog! So I’ve decided to share some of my random thoughts for the week.



I’ve been thinking…



  • I’ve devoured 8 Cadbury eggs since Friday… and I’m seriously trying not to eat them too fast.
  • I’m dreading the portrusion of my belly button.
  • Summer can’t come quick enough.
  • I’ve never been a fan of cold weather – especially when it’s wet.
  • It’s amazing what some kids bring to school for lunch: chips, twinkies, and soda. Now, throw in a piece of chocolate and thats my kind of meal! 
  • Recently, I’ve started missing the organization of my high school days. Every was planned from the time I got up to the time I went to bed. Sleep until approximately 7:00. Shower, make-up, hair…in that order. School from 8:20-3:08. Athletics: practice, games, or meets. Then, home for some internet, phone time, and a little bit of homework here and there. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss school…just the routine-sometimes.
  • Wishing organized weight-lifting was still a part of my daily schedule. My muscle is starting to turn into flab, and my strength is quickly diminishing.
  • It’s totally not cool that when ladies need water the most their bladder can’t hold more than 2 oz at a time. I must have used the restroom 15 times yesterday!
  • Smoothie Tums – you should get some.


“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect.” 1 Cor. 15:10



And thats all for today! Have a great Thursday!


Friends Invite Friends January 19, 2010

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It’s time word got out about Emily Dobson Photography. Out where, you ask? Great question! Out to places and people I might never reach without you. So…


It’s CONTEST Time!



Over the course of the next 14 days, I’m asking Friends to Invite Friends to join my Facebook fan page. I have a list of everyone who is currently a fan and will be rewarding one lucky current fan with a free session or free money (take your pick!). Here’s how it works:


Current Emily Dobson Photography Facebook “Fans”:

Invite everyone you know to become a fan of Emily Dobson Photography. I’ll be keeping track of all the new memebers who join, and at the end of the 14 days, one of the new members will be randomly selected. The person who invited them will receive the free one hour session of his/her choice or $15!  SO, the more people you invite, the better your odds are to win!


My only stipulation is that you must be at least 17-years-old to win.


Feel free to pass along my newly launched site: www.emilydobsonphotography.com.


Winner will be annouced on Wednesday, February 3, 2010!


New Website is Live! January 13, 2010

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That’s right folks! The Emily Dobson Photography professional website is now live! I’ve been waiting for the this day for several months, and am so excited to finally showcase my work in a professional, online gallery. Please, tell your friends and spread the word through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter!



Once you click on the link above, you will be directed to my splash page. From the splash page, you may choose whether you want to be directed to my website or my blog. For those of you who follow me here on the blog, I hope you will continue to show me some love and stop by frequently for updates, special offers, and to see all of my most current work.



On my website, you will find investment information for both custom portrait and custom wedding photography. To celebrate the newly launched website, I’d like to throw out a couple of offers:

The first five people to book a portrait session will receive $20 OFF their sitting fee!

The first three brides to book a wedding will receive $200 OFF the package of their choice!

Contact me TODAY for information! (info@emilydobson.com)



While browing through the website, be sure to check out my FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions page. You will notice that I’m now offering free pre-session and pre-wedding consultations for prospective clients. Some people are completely comfortable communicating and booking via internet; however, I also know that some people would prefer to meet and speak with me in person prior to making a commitment. A consultation is simply a time for us to get to know one another. Tell me about you, your family, your wedding, your hobbies… anything that makes you or your family unique. You may also ask questions regarding the session and or products offered. I will have sample products available for you to view as well. If a face to face meeting isn’t going to be possible due to scheduling conflicts or travel distance, we may set up a phone consultation. If this is something you’re interested in, simply mention “consultation” during our initial contact.



As I close this point, I would like to send out a couple of Thank You’s:

  • First, HUGE thank you and bravo to Patty Dill for designing my logo! It looks fantastic – especially against the black back drop!
  • THANKS to Ryan Wingo for granting me permission to play his song “Wonders” on my website…such an awesome song!
  • To all my beautiful 2009 clients: I would NOT, I repeat NOT be launching this website and starting a new year of business without you. I’m thrilled to showcase your beautiful faces all over my website. THANK YOU for being simply wonderful.
  • And to my incredible husband, Wade: I LOVE YOU! Thank you for your support, patience, encouragement, website proofing, and unending love. You are my best friend.


NOW, spread the word, tell your friends, and find me on Facebook to become a fan of Emily Dobson Photography: another method of communication for updates, special offers, and current work.






2009 “People’s Choice” Image of the Year January 7, 2010

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Last night, I caught a few minutes of the People’s Choice awards and thought the title was rather fitting for my Image of the Year contest! You, the blog readers, spent several days looking through the 18 images I posted as my favorites from 2009. You, the blog readers, voted for your favorite image of the year. Thank you to EVERYone who stopped by and voted…the response was amazing!



The “People’s Choice” Image of the Year was awarded to Image #2: Anthony and Natalie!





Congratulations Anthony and Natalie! Your picture will be featured on my brand new website, and I will be working on your complimentary magnets in the coming weeks!



Now how about a little more Polldaddy fun?! I recently entered a contest for a Kelly Moore Bag, which was recommended to me by another photographer friend. Over 359 people created a New Year’s Resolution Entry and I am #123! The winner will be determined solely by the number of votes received and voting ends TOMORROW! There is NO LIMIT on the number of times you can vote, and I’m requesting that you place a vote for me! Click on this DIRECT LINK and scroll down through the 359 entries and you’ll find my #123 on the second poll! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





The Halfway Mark January 4, 2010

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Tomorrow is the big appointment! Ya know, the 20-week appointment where most couples these days find out the sex of their baby? I can’t believe I’ve already reached the halfway mark of this pregnancy. While thinking of the weeks-to-go seem forever away, it seems like only yesterday we were announcing the exciting news to our family and friends. Last week, when Wade and I were traveling back from Mississippi, he asked, “So what week are you in?” I reminded him that I was just starting the 19th week. He responded with another question, “So next week you’ll be halfway, right?” Of course, if you can do math, you already know my response. To my surprise, he freaked out on me! “OH my goodness Em! We haven’t done anything! We’re so unprepared!” I laughed. We’ll never be prepared for the change that is about to take place in our lives. While Wade knows this fact to be true, he’s too much of a planner/organizer to accept it…so we went and bought a package of diapers. And he actually feels much better now!



We’re looking forward to our 20-week appointment tomorrow. We have agreed to opt out of learning the sex tomorrow. I’ve always wanted to have a surprise baby at least once, and I’m thrilled that Wade is willing to go along with it. I’m sure our little baby Dobson has grown leaps and bounds since our last ultrasound at week 12. He/she has started making its presence known the past couple weeks, but especially over the last week. The little flutters have become more frequent and more noticeable than before. This is a very strange, but exciting feeling, and I can’t wait to share it with Wade!



Last week, we spent New Year’s Ever with my family in Palmyra, and my mom said it was time for a new picture. While I don’t notice a huge difference in size from the previous photo, I do believe I’m carrying even higher than I was before (at least it looks high)! No wonder I’m already getting uncomfortable…




12.17.09 – 17 Weeks


01.04.10 – 20 Weeks


Don’t forget that votes for your favorite 2009 Emily Dobson Photography image are due Wednesday! Check out this blog post for voting details!


2009 Recap January 2, 2010

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It’s hard to believe I’m approaching the one year mark since I started pursuing professional photography. This time last year, I was determining which camera and lenses to buy. Now I’m launching a new website and building a part-time business: WOW!



As many photographers do, I’d like to share some of my favorites images from 2009. It’s really fun to look back over these images and see how I’ve grown and changed as a photographer. I hope you will enjoy not only looking through these images, but also voting for your favorites! The winning image will be featured on my new website’s homepage and the client will receive a five free magnets of winning image. I have the poll set so that you should be able to vote once every 12 hours, and voting ends on Wednesday, January 6th (at the end of the day). Be sure to click on the following external link to vote:

What is your favorite image from 2009?(poll)