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The Halfway Mark January 4, 2010

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Tomorrow is the big appointment! Ya know, the 20-week appointment where most couples these days find out the sex of their baby? I can’t believe I’ve already reached the halfway mark of this pregnancy. While thinking of the weeks-to-go seem forever away, it seems like only yesterday we were announcing the exciting news to our family and friends. Last week, when Wade and I were traveling back from Mississippi, he asked, “So what week are you in?” I reminded him that I was just starting the 19th week. He responded with another question, “So next week you’ll be halfway, right?” Of course, if you can do math, you already know my response. To my surprise, he freaked out on me! “OH my goodness Em! We haven’t done anything! We’re so unprepared!” I laughed. We’ll never be prepared for the change that is about to take place in our lives. While Wade knows this fact to be true, he’s too much of a planner/organizer to accept it…so we went and bought a package of diapers. And he actually feels much better now!



We’re looking forward to our 20-week appointment tomorrow. We have agreed to opt out of learning the sex tomorrow. I’ve always wanted to have a surprise baby at least once, and I’m thrilled that Wade is willing to go along with it. I’m sure our little baby Dobson has grown leaps and bounds since our last ultrasound at week 12. He/she has started making its presence known the past couple weeks, but especially over the last week. The little flutters have become more frequent and more noticeable than before. This is a very strange, but exciting feeling, and I can’t wait to share it with Wade!



Last week, we spent New Year’s Ever with my family in Palmyra, and my mom said it was time for a new picture. While I don’t notice a huge difference in size from the previous photo, I do believe I’m carrying even higher than I was before (at least it looks high)! No wonder I’m already getting uncomfortable…




12.17.09 – 17 Weeks


01.04.10 – 20 Weeks


Don’t forget that votes for your favorite 2009 Emily Dobson Photography image are due Wednesday! Check out this blog post for voting details!


2 Responses to “The Halfway Mark”

  1. josh Says:

    That is so funny because I can see Wade saying that and I know how he likes to be prepared. Which is a good thing

  2. Lori Says:

    HAH! Wade and Bran are just so much alike. However, I must say that I don’t know if a pack of diapers would do the trick like it did for Waders! 😉 And, you’re definitely carrying higher – I think the saying goes that the higher you carry that more likely it will be a GIRL 😉

    Hope your appointment went well. I cannot wait to see an updated ultraound picture too. Tell Baby D that Aunt LoLo and Uncle Bran love and miss him/her!

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