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Favorite Engagement Photo – {Macon, MO Engagement Photographer} February 22, 2010

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Hey friends! I’m trying to decide which of the following images is my absolute favorite. I can only order one in a large print, and I want your input! This will be a very short poll as voting will end at midnight tonight. Get your votes in quick, and let me know…



Which engagement photo is YOUR favorite (vote on both creativity and execution)?! Click on the link BELOW to vote!


Which image is your favorite?!(answers)






Image #1





Image #2






Image #3




Image #4




Image #5


4 Responses to “Favorite Engagement Photo – {Macon, MO Engagement Photographer}”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Number 5

  2. Brad Says:

    I’m voting for #5 because the smiles on their faces are such a great capture of the anticipation of getting married. Great job!

  3. Jan Says:

    Number 2

  4. Sam Says:

    i like number 4 best(=

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