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We ♥ Hands on Fun – I ♥ Faces {Macon, MO Professional Photographer} February 23, 2010

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This week I Faces is focusing on hands. More specifically, “hands-on fun!” The picture I chose for this week’s contest makes me smile for two reasons:



1) Micara is ridiculously cute!


2) Only 12 more weeks until my first baby is due. Only 12 more weeks until there is a new life in our home. A child who will soon discover life on earth. Micara seems to be discovering her hands in this picture, and it sparks an excitement within me for the day my baby will discover his/her little hands and fingers.
















3 Responses to “We ♥ Hands on Fun – I ♥ Faces {Macon, MO Professional Photographer}”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Beautiful shot of this little girl discovering her hands! Congratulations on the pending arrival of your first… treasure each moment, they go so fast!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had to come and see your entry, and i must say this is ADORABLE :)!!

  3. bethbozarth Says:

    I love the look on her face…”What is this thing?” Cute. Found you through iheartfaces.

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