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Sunday Afternoon Bliss February 7, 2010

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I sit here on a Sunday afternoon enjoying the blissful atmosphere of the house. Wade is busy prepping for the Crossover Student Ministry Super Bowl Party at 5:00, and I am here alone in the quiet – something I often take for granted. There is a Caramel-Pecan Cheesecake Pie in the oven that I will be taste-testing prior to sending off to the MFBC staff luncheon tomorrow. I am thankful for this quiet, peaceful moment because I know that in 14 short weeks these quiet moments will be few and far between. The excitement and anticipation of Baby Dobson’s arrival is increasing with each passing day. We’re ready to meet this little guy… OR girl!



Today, I am thankful. I am thankful for an early out on Friday, which provided me with a much needed relaxing Friday evening and Saturday. I am thankful for a husband who took me on a date last night for some great food at Rick’s American Grill in Moberly and a movie: Dear John. (Although, I don’t recommend this movie as it was a huge disappointment!) I am thankful for a mom I can call and get recipes from, a dad I can call and get coaching advice from, a sister who laughs at my goofiness, and two brothers who always crack jokes. I am thankful for Cadbury eggs even though I do not have any today. I am thankful for a new baby cousin, Kinsley. I am thankful for a pastor who preaches the Word and gives the Holy Spirit a chance to convict me each Sunday. I am thankful for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, and the pizza I will soon devour.



Take a moment today to leave a comment and tell me, what are you thankful for?  






Update on Megan February 4, 2010

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Hopefully, many of you remember my blog post back in December when I asked for prayers for an old college friend, Megan. Back in December Megan was experiencing some shortness of breath and weakness. This was a major concern for Megan and her family because in 2002 she was diagnosed with Myocarditis: a virus that attacks the heart and causes heart failure. On November 30, 2009, she received a diagnosis of congestive heart failure with a heart ejection fraction of 15-20. A healthy heart is a heart ejection fraction of 50 and anything below 36 is considered serious.



After several days in the hospital, the doctors made the decision to try and strengthen Megan’s heart with medications before resorting to a heart transplant. As a safety measure, they put in a defibrillator to shock the heart if needed, and Megan went home on December 11th.



The month of January was a bit of a struggle for Megan. She experienced a significant amount of nausea and was unable to keep food down. After adjusting some medicaitions, she started to feel better – temporarily. When the nausea set in again, she started losing a lot of weight. On January 26th, she was admitted back into Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. Tests showed that her veins and liver were full of fluids, and her heart ejection fraction was down to an 8. She is now in major congestive heart failure and must be on continuous IV meds. Yesterday, she had a heart cath and is now been placed on the heart transplant list.



TRANSPLANT LIST (explanation)
Barnes is the only heart transplant hospital in the Mid-America area. Dr. Ewald, Megan’s doctor, is the head physician of the transplant team and decides who gets what heart. Beside the obvious of a perfect match, there are other criteria that determine who is at the top of the list. They are:
1A – Patients on continuous IV meds and in the heart cath lab
1B – Patients on continuous IV meds
2 – All others
Other factors in every patient are age, health other than the heart, size, and blood type.



Megan has been placed on the 1B transplant list. Their entire family is dedicating this to the Lord, and her father, Wayne (where I got all of the above information) said, “The wait for a heart could be days or months. It will happen in God’s time.” I have recently been reminded of the same truth. Life doesn’t happen when I want it to happen, life happens when God wants it to happen. HE is in control.



In honor of Megan, I’d like to inform/remind everyone that THIS Friday, is the American Heart Association’s “National Wear Red” day. So…. “Go Red with your wardrobe! Whether it’s a red dress or a red T-shirt,  show the world you support Go Red For Women, the American Heart Association’s movement to help save lives.”




And the winner is….

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I love contests. Growing up, I entered contests every time I encountered an opportunity. I still enter contests! In fact, this summer when Wade and I were setting up our US Cellular accounts, there was a 4th of July BBQ contest advertised at the US Cellular store. I bet I wrote my name and information on a slip 20 times. Every time we went in the store, I went straight to the contest and started filling out slips. I’m a huge nerd.



The worst part about contests is that there is only one winner. Since becoming a professional photographer, I have found photography blogs and contests all over the United States. I enter them every time I have the opportunity, but somehow I never manage to pull out a win – bummer! So today, my friends, I have good news. Not only will one “fan” of Emily Dobson Photography receive a FREE one-hour photo session (or $15), but all of my NEW fans will receive something as well. I have a list of everyone who joined up to 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, which totals exactly 115 – AWESOME! If you are on this list, I’d like to offer you $25 OFF your very first session. If you haven’t had the chance to work with me, but would like to, now is your chance to do it. Simply contact me via e-mail or my Emily Dobson Photography contact page, and set up an appointment prior to March 31, 2010 and I will knock $25 OFF your initial session fee!



Now, for the winner of a FREE session (OR cash money): Renee Baum!



Congratulations Renee! Contact me at info@emilydobson.com to redeem your prize!



THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for passing along the invite to people I couldn’t reach without you!



And now for something I desparately wish we had in Macon…






Money. Money. Money. February 2, 2010

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Spend. Spend. Spend. Save. Save. Save. The two words describe two totally different philosophies on money. Can you guess which philosophy is mine? If not, allow me to help: American Eagle, Maurices, and Forever 21 – my favorite clothing stores! I’ve always loved to shop. I remember when I first started working in high school. I wasn’t allowed to work often, but I worked enough to earn a little extra cash-cash I couldn’t wait to use for new outfits, jewelry, and shoes. I’d come home with a big bag of new “necessities” and my mom would always tell me I already had “exactly” what I just bought and I should try to save for college. College?! Who in the world considers college before January of their senior year?! Well, about April of my senior year, I wish I had because I realized I was broke and college was outrageously expensive. The summer after I graduated high school, I got a full-time summer job and saved, saved, saved. When I left for college, I got a great job at Fiddlestiks and I was able to continue with the occasional shopping trip and also work my way through college. I only paid for what I thought I could realistically earn and still had over $10,000 in student loans when I graduated – how depressing. To top things off, I decided I NEEDED a new car my junior year of college, so I was able to add a significant amount of money to the student loans I’d already accrued.


When Wade and I got married we were able to combine each other’s debt to come up with a grand total of over $30,000. “Not bad” some would say, but it was sickening to think we were going to spend the next 10 years of our married life owing money to someone else…and we didn’t even have a house!


About a year ago, Wade and I were introduced to Dave Ramsey, the author of Total Money Makeover. I remember Wade calling one Friday while I was teaching and hearing him say, “You have to read this book!” He started telling me all about it and I could tell he was pumped. So I read it… well most it… and it completely altered the way we both thought about money – especially in regards to debt. Wade and I were fortunate enough to bring in a little extra money each month, which allowed us to save some money over the first year of our marriage. After reading Total Money Makeover, we took everything we had saved (except the $1,000 emergency fund) and paid off what was left on my car. Debt #1 = Gone!


Once the car was paid off, we took our monthly car payment plus any additional money we had leftover after bills and put it all on Wade’s student loan. After several months, debt #2 = GONE! The only debt we had left was my student loan; therefore, after all monthly bills, we applied the “extra” money toward my loan. Our goal was to be debt free by January 2010.


While Dave encourages an extreme, radical lifestyle, Wade and I decided to keep cable television and internet as well as a small entertainment budget for date nights and eating out. But we limited every category and TRIED (although we often failed) to stay within the limitations set forth in our monthly budget. In just under one year, Wade and I met our goal. As of last week, we are completely DEBT FREE! By applying Dave’s strategies and techniques to the money God FAITHFULLY provided for us, we saved approximately four extra years of bill hastle and approximately $4,000 in interest. Neither one of us had incredible paying jobs during this year: internet, teacher, minister, and substitute teacher. However, we were extremely blessed in that neither of us lost our jobs during the drowning economy and the principles Dave came up with worked.


I am NO financial advisor. In fact, I know VERY LITTLE about money. Wade takes care of our budget and I am very thankful for that. But if you’re interested in a Total Money Makeover and have an open mind in regards financial principles, then I highly recommend Mr. Dave! And of course faithful giving to the One who provides it all for us.


Wade and I are now in stage four of this makeover process. We hope to spend the next SEVERAL years putting the money where we want it to go. God willing, we will save for new vehicles and our first house as well as retirement and future college funds. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’ll even be able to get in a shopping trip or two!