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Bridal Extravaganza – Engagement Session Winner March 3, 2010

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This past Saturday, I had the chance to attend my first very first Bridal Fair – the 2010 KHQA Bridal Extravaganza in Quincy! My husband was an absolute lifesaver through this entire experience. The further I got into to my preparation, the less prepared I felt. However, everything came together Friday night as we spent a few hours setting up a practice booth on our dining room floor – you know you love it. Wade traveled to Quincy with me on the day of the fair to help set up and admire many of the other booths. Once it was all said and done, Wade said he really enjoyed the experience too. My friends, I feel a full-time assistant coming on!



I had the opportunity to meet tons of great brides, and even a couple of grooms during the bridal fair. I am so grateful to every bride, groom, mom, grandma, friend, cousin, and aunt who stopped by my booth and took the time to say hi. At the show, I gave couples the chance to register for a complimentary engagement session. I had such a good response that I decided to give away two sessions instead of the original one. Thank you to everyone who registerd, and be sure to contact me as soon as possible to book your wedding!


The winners of the FREE engagement sessions are:





I will be in touch with the winners over the next couple of weeks to discuss further details. Again, thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my booth. I was blessed by your kindness and interest.











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