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Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth – {Macon, MO Baby Photographer} March 31, 2010

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Babies cry? Well yes, apparently they do. And apparently there is more than just crying. My friends, according to Matthew 15:30 “there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”



Last night, Wade and I were blessed by our church family as they threw us a baby shower. The wonderful hostesses opened with a few baby-related greetings that brought a huge (and yes, nerdy) smile to my face. One of the greetings they offered was Scripture verses following the acrostic of our names. I was told that “W” was a difficult letter for finding Scripture, but although COMPLETELY out of context (as this verse actually pertains to suffering in Hell), Matthew 13:50 was quite appropriate for the shower. We thought it was funny!



We are only 7 1/2 weeks from our due date, and Wade recently admitted that he keeps thinking we have an appointment on May 22nd to go GET the baby. Ha! If only it were that simple. Can I get an ‘Amen’ ladies? (as if I already know what its like…) Regardless of what the process will be, our excitment is growing and we are very much looking forward to meeting our little guy or girl in May (because we are so not prepared for him/her to unexpectedly pay us a visit in April).



With our anticipation growing each and every day, you can only imagine how gitty I was over little Natalie. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Natalie, and her amazing mom, Cindy (one of the sweetest ladies; she’s so full of kindness!), almost two weeks ago. On day 14 of Natalie’s life, I got to hold and talk to her while capturing some PRECIOUS images of her new life outside of mommy’s tummy. I’m told to cherish every moment (especially the early ones) with my new baby because time passes so quickly! For this reason, I am SO GLAD Cindy and I were able to get together for a newborn shoot. Babies are only that little for so long before they start growing up. Then, there is no turning back.









































3 Responses to “Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth – {Macon, MO Baby Photographer}”

  1. Shelby Says:

    These pictures are absolutely adorable! I’m so bummed out that I didn’t get to help, but these turned out great. I love the one with the rings, and with Dan and Cindy holding hands and Natalie under their arms. I thought it was very original and cute. (:

  2. Amber Knox Says:

    Oh my Natalie is so cute Love the ones with the rings to unique!!! Emily you are an amazing photographer!……but you also have a lot of adorable babies to work with and im sure that helps : )………I hope you had a great babyshower Im sure you cant wait to see your little one!!….

  3. slr lounge Says:

    Gorgeous baby photos! I especially like the blank and white one with the parents hands in the picture. Very creative.

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