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Juan – 6 months {Missouri Professional Photographer} April 26, 2010

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These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of events! We had a four night Crusade at our church two weeks ago with Brady Weldon. It was a great four days where we saw many people come to know Christ for the first time as well as rededications and many healings of brokenness. Wade has been in and out of town speaking at two different Disciple Nows this month. I had a GREAT baby shower a week and a half ago. And I’ve also been busy with senior and family sessions, which has been wonderful! I have two sessions left before the baby arrives, and I am praying the bad weather will stay away because I’m sick of rescheduling! Rain just doesn’t do well in on-location photography. Yet, I wouldn’t change the way I shoot because I love the look I get in my outdoor, natural light settings!



Over Easter, I was able to meet six-month-old Juan for the first time. Alicia and I have been friends for a few years now after we spent a WHOLE-LOTTA time together in 2006 on a mission trip to Miami, FL. We were both single, but dating at the time. Now we’re both married, she has almost a 7-month-old baby, and I have a bun in the oven! Crazy how quickly time passes because it definitely doesn’t seem like that mission trip was 4 years ago. Maaaaaaybe 2, but definitely not 4!



I remember as Alicia and I spoke prior to the session, she mentioned what happy baby Juan was. “Juan is always so happy and loves to jump [and] look at himself in the mirror…” He was so smiley during our entire session. He enjoyed playing with mommy and daddy and enjoyed having his pictures taken – how fun for me as a photgorapher! When we held the ordering appointment where Alicia had the opportunity to see every image in print, Juan admired himself in every image. He just looked around in “awe” of the beautiful baby in the pictures! Did he recognize himself? I say, sure! He was probably thinking, “Man, I am one handsome stud!”



Thanks, Alicia for allowing my images to become a part of your family’s memories. I hope I captured exactly what you wanted: Juan…full of life and happiness at this stage in his life.



















































I ♥ Megan April 16, 2010

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As I sit to write, my heart is heavy. I am almost overwhelmed by the realization that life is so precious and so short, yet we take it for granted daily. I wonder why we waste time getting angry over dropping ice or spend time complaining over the fact that some Starbucks stores only carry Peppermint flavoring seasonally. Well, maybe I’m the only one encountering those specific examples (especially when one of them requires bending over 8 months pregnant). But I laugh at my immaturity, and tear up knowing that I let such petty details in life raise my blood pressure when my dear friend, Megan, fights for her every breath.



  Toward the beginning of December, I briefly described Megan’s heart condition and the struggles she was facing. At the beginning of February, I upated you, and explained that she had been added to the heart transplant list. Today, Megan’s condition is worse and she is fighting for her every breath.



On the first of April, Megan was admitted into the Cardiac Care Unit at Barnes’ Jewish Hopsital for additional medications. The meds were to help strengthen her heart so it could pump blood to all of her vital organs. On April 3rd, a left ventricle assist device was inserted into her chest to temporarily function as the left ventricle of the heart. She spent the next few days resting. The past week and a half or so, Megan’s condition has been up and down. On good days, she was able to eat small bits of food and actually keep it down while bad days consisted of poor sleeping, little or no food intake, and no energy. However, blessings from above were poured out to her on April 9th. Four nurses decided she needed a better view and took 30 minutes to move her and all equipment to a suite overlooking Forest Park – best view in St. Louis. The same day, she received a call from American Idol’s very own, Danny Gokey. Danny was our favorite Idol from last season and we talked about voting for him throughout the entire season!  According to Megan’s dad, Danny encouraged her and lifted her spirits. Danny’s wife died of a heart condition three weeks before he auditioned for A.I.  So I truly thank him for showing Jesus’s love to Megan on this particular day.



Earlier this week, on Tuesday, the doctors informed Megan’s parents that her time was running out. They are giving Megan and the family until Monday to receive a new heart. Otherwise, she will receive a mechanical heart which will drop her out of the #1 status on the transplant list. As of this morning, her condition has worsened yet, and she is struggling for every breath. Doctors are in and out of her room, and this afternoon there will be a bedside surgical procedure to relieve fluid around her lungs & heart. In addition, her white blood count is rising.



From my extremely close friendship with Megan in 2004-2005, I know she is a Christian and follower of Christ. She is only 23-years-old and full of life! My prayer is that God will grant her a new heart and sustain her life for many years so she can live a long, somewhat healthy life. But the irony of praying for a new heart is the fact that the new heart has to come from someone else… do I want someone else’s friend or family to experience a death in the family? No! But I also desperately want to see God heal my friend. I’ve been asking that God definitely not take the heart from a non-believer who hasn’t given his/her life to the Lord. And I’ve also been asking that someone not have to suddenly and unexpectedly lose a life. Fortunately, I have hope in a God who has Megan’s life in His hands. I know there is a plan behind this mess and that He works together for the good of those who love Him. So ultimately, I must put my complete trust in Him…as Megan’s family is so faithfully doing.



Megan was interviewed earlier this week by News Channel 5 in St. Louis. She courageously shares her story with viewers and you get a glimpse at her sweet, sweet spirit. I hope you will take the opportunity to watch the interview here: http://www.ksdk.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=78093481001#/Health/23%2Dyear%2Dold+finds+herself+on+heart+transplant+waiting+list/48541678001/48340612001/78093481001.



Megan’s family is keeping a blog called Megan’s Story with at least one update per date on her condition. Through Megan’s blog, you have the opportunity to give to her family. I can’t imagine the financial stress a situation like Megan’s could cause; therefore, if you’re able and willing, I ask that you donate something…ANYTHING…just to show Christ’s love to a family in need.



THANK YOU, to all of my friends and family who have been praying for Megan. I receive encouraging words via Facebook often from the many people who are praying for her, and many of them don’t even know Megan! We serve a MIGHTY God – I know He LISTENS the prayers that are lifted up and will ultimately take care of Megan.







Sneak Peek {Macon, MO Professional Photographer} April 6, 2010

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According to my doctor, I am “33 weeks and some change.” We’re less than seven weeks away now, and I am gaining weight faster than cars drive – seriously! Everyone says its normal, but it sure is scary packing on the poundage. Hopefully, everyone is right and it will come off. Otherwise, Wade may be in charge of childcare for awhile when I start workin’ out like a mad woman! Hm, wonder how long it’ll take to find the energy to workout after the baby is born…



Thursday we traveled to Alton, IL to visit Wade’s family for Easter. I figured I’d make the most of the weekend and take a few pictures while I was there. Friday I had the opportunity to conduct both a 6-month session and an Engagement session (one of my favs!). I’m super excited about the images I’ve culled through thus far, and I cannot wait to finish enhancing each image! Here is a sneak peek from my weekend in Alton, IL:

























Yesterday afternoon and evening, I spent 2 1/2 hours with my South Shelby High School senior rep: Sam Bode! I LOVE senior sessions. She brought one of her good friends along, and we just hung out and had a good time. Isn’t she stunning?!







Sneak Peek – {Macon, MO Professional Photographer} April 3, 2010

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Three sessions in two days…FINALLY, I’m back in the swing of things! Wade is wrapped up in the NCAA tournament (as I’m sure most men are across America), and I am sitting here at the computer culling through some of the most gorgeous images from these past few sessions. I’m seriously so excited that the baby is now excited and kicking my insides every which way. My ribs are starting to get sore!



I’m not going to showcase every image I’m excited about, but here is a sneak peek from the first session I did on Thursday. Thank you, Kelsey and Terrence, for workin’ the camera…