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Sneak Peek {Macon, MO Professional Photographer} April 6, 2010

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According to my doctor, I am “33 weeks and some change.” We’re less than seven weeks away now, and I am gaining weight faster than cars drive – seriously! Everyone says its normal, but it sure is scary packing on the poundage. Hopefully, everyone is right and it will come off. Otherwise, Wade may be in charge of childcare for awhile when I start workin’ out like a mad woman! Hm, wonder how long it’ll take to find the energy to workout after the baby is born…



Thursday we traveled to Alton, IL to visit Wade’s family for Easter. I figured I’d make the most of the weekend and take a few pictures while I was there. Friday I had the opportunity to conduct both a 6-month session and an Engagement session (one of my favs!). I’m super excited about the images I’ve culled through thus far, and I cannot wait to finish enhancing each image! Here is a sneak peek from my weekend in Alton, IL:

























Yesterday afternoon and evening, I spent 2 1/2 hours with my South Shelby High School senior rep: Sam Bode! I LOVE senior sessions. She brought one of her good friends along, and we just hung out and had a good time. Isn’t she stunning?!







Bridal Extravaganza – Engagement Session Winner March 3, 2010

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This past Saturday, I had the chance to attend my first very first Bridal Fair – the 2010 KHQA Bridal Extravaganza in Quincy! My husband was an absolute lifesaver through this entire experience. The further I got into to my preparation, the less prepared I felt. However, everything came together Friday night as we spent a few hours setting up a practice booth on our dining room floor – you know you love it. Wade traveled to Quincy with me on the day of the fair to help set up and admire many of the other booths. Once it was all said and done, Wade said he really enjoyed the experience too. My friends, I feel a full-time assistant coming on!



I had the opportunity to meet tons of great brides, and even a couple of grooms during the bridal fair. I am so grateful to every bride, groom, mom, grandma, friend, cousin, and aunt who stopped by my booth and took the time to say hi. At the show, I gave couples the chance to register for a complimentary engagement session. I had such a good response that I decided to give away two sessions instead of the original one. Thank you to everyone who registerd, and be sure to contact me as soon as possible to book your wedding!


The winners of the FREE engagement sessions are:





I will be in touch with the winners over the next couple of weeks to discuss further details. Again, thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my booth. I was blessed by your kindness and interest.











Favorite Engagement Photo – {Macon, MO Engagement Photographer} February 22, 2010

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Hey friends! I’m trying to decide which of the following images is my absolute favorite. I can only order one in a large print, and I want your input! This will be a very short poll as voting will end at midnight tonight. Get your votes in quick, and let me know…



Which engagement photo is YOUR favorite (vote on both creativity and execution)?! Click on the link BELOW to vote!


Which image is your favorite?!(answers)






Image #1





Image #2






Image #3




Image #4




Image #5


New Website is Live! January 13, 2010

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That’s right folks! The Emily Dobson Photography professional website is now live! I’ve been waiting for the this day for several months, and am so excited to finally showcase my work in a professional, online gallery. Please, tell your friends and spread the word through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter!



Once you click on the link above, you will be directed to my splash page. From the splash page, you may choose whether you want to be directed to my website or my blog. For those of you who follow me here on the blog, I hope you will continue to show me some love and stop by frequently for updates, special offers, and to see all of my most current work.



On my website, you will find investment information for both custom portrait and custom wedding photography. To celebrate the newly launched website, I’d like to throw out a couple of offers:

The first five people to book a portrait session will receive $20 OFF their sitting fee!

The first three brides to book a wedding will receive $200 OFF the package of their choice!

Contact me TODAY for information! (info@emilydobson.com)



While browing through the website, be sure to check out my FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions page. You will notice that I’m now offering free pre-session and pre-wedding consultations for prospective clients. Some people are completely comfortable communicating and booking via internet; however, I also know that some people would prefer to meet and speak with me in person prior to making a commitment. A consultation is simply a time for us to get to know one another. Tell me about you, your family, your wedding, your hobbies… anything that makes you or your family unique. You may also ask questions regarding the session and or products offered. I will have sample products available for you to view as well. If a face to face meeting isn’t going to be possible due to scheduling conflicts or travel distance, we may set up a phone consultation. If this is something you’re interested in, simply mention “consultation” during our initial contact.



As I close this point, I would like to send out a couple of Thank You’s:

  • First, HUGE thank you and bravo to Patty Dill for designing my logo! It looks fantastic – especially against the black back drop!
  • THANKS to Ryan Wingo for granting me permission to play his song “Wonders” on my website…such an awesome song!
  • To all my beautiful 2009 clients: I would NOT, I repeat NOT be launching this website and starting a new year of business without you. I’m thrilled to showcase your beautiful faces all over my website. THANK YOU for being simply wonderful.
  • And to my incredible husband, Wade: I LOVE YOU! Thank you for your support, patience, encouragement, website proofing, and unending love. You are my best friend.


NOW, spread the word, tell your friends, and find me on Facebook to become a fan of Emily Dobson Photography: another method of communication for updates, special offers, and current work.






Ben and Jessica – {Macon, MO Engagement Photography} November 13, 2009

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The past several weeks have been super busy around here. Last Monday, I started as the full-time permanent sub/secretary for the Special Education department at Macon R-I. The job is pretty laid back, and isn’t much different than a regular sub. The only differences are that I’m only allowed to sub for SPED teachers and I’m guaranteed work every day. I’m grateful for the full-time income while I strive to build my photography business and of course, before the baby comes.


The downfall is the daytime hours I used to have for photography: replying e-mails, editing, placing orders, packaging, booking more sessions, conducting the sessions, etc. etc. I love photography, and I know God has blessed me thus far in the business. But I also really love my husband! I feel bad when he gets home from work and is ready to hang out, and I’m just starting round two of my daily work. Thankfully, I have an understanding and supportive husband. He doesn’t make me feel bad or pressure me to step away from my efforts to build my business. What can I say? He loves me too!


When time is cut short, the blog is neglected. It’s been 12 days since my last post – SHAME ON ME! I hope you all understand that I wish I could blog every day, but for now I’ll have to do my best to get one to two blogs a week. While this hasn’t happened lately, it is my goal! My blog has done wonders for my business and has helped me grow to where I am today. So the least I can do for my readers is commit to reaching my goal! Thanks for being patient with me guys!


So the first step in reaching my goal is to publish Ben and Jessica’s mock engagement session. Ben and Jessica were one of the couples to receive the free engagement session to help me build my website. I actually went to school with them at Hannibal-LaGrange College. During my first semester, Jessica and I lived on the same floor in Memorial Hall. She lived approx. three rooms down from me and across the hall. I also had College Algebra with her. I remember these random details because I remember we were nearing the end of the semester and it was almost time for Christmas break when one morning in College Algebra Jessica turned to a friend on the left and said, “My boyfriend propsed to me last night!” She was ecstatic! I didn’t really know Jess at the time, but I was excited for her and dreaming of my own proposal one day.


The next school year, I was in the traveling music ministry team, Covenant. In January 2006, Jessica joined Covenant because one of the other members was unable to return to HLG. Covenant was a great experience for all 6 (and 7 the next year) of us girls. We had the opportunity to travel in a huge church van to and from churches across northeast Missouri and create lots of crazy memories in the van and on our trips. I’m thankful for the time I spent with Jessica and got to know her. All of the Covenant girls, including Jessica, helped me grow closer to the Lord. They challenged me in my walk with Him. After I left Covenant to graduate and get married, I rarely had the opportunity to revisit my Covenant friends. When Jess contacted me about becoming one of the couples for my website, I was thrilled! It was so good to spend time with her and Ben. We had a great time and what a compliment it was for both of them to tell me at the end that they had worked with other photographers before, but never had as much fun as they did with me. Thats what I do. I want the photo session to be a fun experience for everyone involved. Even the guys who hate pictures-you know who you are!


You’ll notice there has been a bit of a change for Emily Dobson Photography. A special THANK YOU to Patty Dill for creating my new logo! Website should be up and running very soon now!!





























Zach & Megan – {Macon, MO Engagement Photographer} October 26, 2009

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Another dreary morning. Boo. I think I need to move to an area of the states where it never rains – it would be a better fit for me. Plus, it would allow me to conduct sessions rather than cancel them-ha! Tonight I have plans for a senior session…if it doesn’t rain. Fortunately, the chances of precipitation have decreased dramatically since last night. Although, maybe if I started living outside, it would prepare me for my appearance on Survivor someday! Okay, I’m an old person. Why am I talking about the weather?


Zach and Megan are getting married on November 28th, and I had the chance to take their engagement pictures in September. We met up in Shelbina and I had a ton of fun hanging out and taking pictures. It was nice to see Zach and Megan for the first time in several years. We all went to high school together (they were HS sweethearts!), and had the wonderful experience of working at the Cerro factory as summer maintenance help. Megan was great because she totally felt my pain during those two summers we worked together. Cerro wasn’t my most favorite job – especially the second summer when we painted every day of our lives. But, it was a good full-time summer job that helped us pay our way through college. Oh to be done paying off student loans!!!!!!!


Thank you so much for allowing me to take your engagement pictures. You guys look fantastic, and I’m sure your wedding will be BEAUTIFUL!

























Out of Town September 27, 2009

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Tonight, Wade and I are headed out of town for a few days. If you remember from the particular blog post, his grandaddy is very sick. We’re headed to Alton, IL after Student Worship tonight and will be traveling down ti Mississippi first thing in the morning. We’re looking forward to spending a little bit of time with him (if his body will allow it) and also some time with Wade’s Uncle Tommy and mother, Luanne. We will be returning late Wednesday night and I will start checking my e-mails and voicemails again on Thursday. If you’re interested in booking a Holiday Session or Regular Session, please know that I am completely booked in October, but still have slots available in November.


Have a good week!!


And of course, a picture from this afternoon’s engagement session: