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Before Baby Sale! {Macon, MO Professional Photographer} May 10, 2010

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Taking walks. Doing lunges. Eating spicy foods. Pep talks.



Yes, these are all things I’ve done and will continue to do until Baby D makes his/her worldly debut! With the due date less than two weeks away, our excitement is intensifying and we’re trying to get as much prepared as possible! Our bags are packed, the car seat is in the car, and we have the diapers and wipes ready to go. I’ve recently been asked the question (on more than one occasion) if we have everything we need… my answer? We’re soon to find out! Wade and I are so clueless in the parenting department…



With the baby’s arrival due any day now (whether it be tomorrow or three weeks from now), I am organizing and finishing up all business related items, so that I won’t have some apologizing and scrapping around to do once we bring Baby D home. I have finished up conducting photo sessions and will soon be finished with post-production, orders, and deliveries. I plan to take time off through the end of June and possibly into the first week of July. With this in mind, I will not be scheduling any sessions prior to July 5th maybe even July 12th. HOWEVER, I am currently scheduling sessions for July and August until we head off to the hospital. I strongly encourage anyone interested in a summer or fall session to go ahead and book now! Booking now reserves and guarantees a date and time before the start of the new school year.



Because I’m hoping to having this little munchin early (yes, I’m fully aware that early arrivals aren’t common with firstborns, but a girl can dream, right??), I’ve decided to run a one week special! Details?! I’m so glad you asked:








Don’t wait to take advantage of this special offer! I accept a limited number of sessions each week to ensure the best possible experience for every client. Once I’m booked, the offer will no longer be valid…so, first come, first serve!




Sneak Peek – {Macon, MO Professional Photographer} April 3, 2010

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Three sessions in two days…FINALLY, I’m back in the swing of things! Wade is wrapped up in the NCAA tournament (as I’m sure most men are across America), and I am sitting here at the computer culling through some of the most gorgeous images from these past few sessions. I’m seriously so excited that the baby is now excited and kicking my insides every which way. My ribs are starting to get sore!



I’m not going to showcase every image I’m excited about, but here is a sneak peek from the first session I did on Thursday. Thank you, Kelsey and Terrence, for workin’ the camera…










We ♥ Hands on Fun – I ♥ Faces {Macon, MO Professional Photographer} February 23, 2010

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This week I Faces is focusing on hands. More specifically, “hands-on fun!” The picture I chose for this week’s contest makes me smile for two reasons:



1) Micara is ridiculously cute!


2) Only 12 more weeks until my first baby is due. Only 12 more weeks until there is a new life in our home. A child who will soon discover life on earth. Micara seems to be discovering her hands in this picture, and it sparks an excitement within me for the day my baby will discover his/her little hands and fingers.
















Alone Time – {Macon, MO Photographer} February 19, 2010

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Tonight, Wade is away at a conference, and I am home alone. Originally, I planned to host a high school girls’ sleepover and have a fun girls’ night watching movies, eating snacks, and popping popcorn. Unfortunately, I overlooked the minor detail of Courtwarming – hello! I must admit, I would’ve chosen the dance back in my high school days too.



I just finished watching Edward… I mean Twilight! I ate a big bowl of shells mac and cheese, and fully intend on baking a couple of chocolate chip cookies and accompanything them with a delicious bowl of vanilla ice cream. I swear… it IS the baby causing the weight gain!!!!! I mean, he/she is already showing its excitement about the cookies. The baby hasn’t stopped moving in two hours!



While relaxing at home this evening, I came across this PRECIOUS picture of Micara at her one year birthday party. If only we could all demonstrate this kind of happiness…









Wedding Photography Packages – Custom Designed Wedding Album February 12, 2010

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When creating Wedding Packages for prospective clients, I created, erased, recreated, adjusted, erased, and recreated some more. I’d done research and looked in to what other photographers offered, but the one thing most had in common was complexity. Every time I developed a package I liked, I’d look away, then look back and think “It looks so confusing!” I wanted to offer my brides something simple, but full of quality.



When designing my wedding packages, I knew one thing for sure: custom designed wedding albums would be included. I love the high-end quality of a professionally designed and printed wedding album. As a former bride, I also love knowing that my personal wedding photos are safe in a timeless album – an album I can look through whenever I want, and someday share with my kids and grandkids. The timeless aspect of a wedding album is exactly what I want my brides to have. Most girls dream of their wedding day for years (or was that just me?)! But after all of the planning is complete and the wedding day is over, I want couples to be able to cherish their memories and remember the details for years and years to come.



Over the past couple of weeks, I found some time to custom design a wedding album for Brad and Cari Gaunt. I chose Forbeyon as my album printing company, and let me just say, that decision was a seriously good decision. I love it! Below you will find a few snapshots of the finished prodcut: a 12×12 leather cover, flush mount album with linen pages that have been uv coated for added protection.  Enjoy!




































And the winner is…. February 4, 2010

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I love contests. Growing up, I entered contests every time I encountered an opportunity. I still enter contests! In fact, this summer when Wade and I were setting up our US Cellular accounts, there was a 4th of July BBQ contest advertised at the US Cellular store. I bet I wrote my name and information on a slip 20 times. Every time we went in the store, I went straight to the contest and started filling out slips. I’m a huge nerd.



The worst part about contests is that there is only one winner. Since becoming a professional photographer, I have found photography blogs and contests all over the United States. I enter them every time I have the opportunity, but somehow I never manage to pull out a win – bummer! So today, my friends, I have good news. Not only will one “fan” of Emily Dobson Photography receive a FREE one-hour photo session (or $15), but all of my NEW fans will receive something as well. I have a list of everyone who joined up to 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, which totals exactly 115 – AWESOME! If you are on this list, I’d like to offer you $25 OFF your very first session. If you haven’t had the chance to work with me, but would like to, now is your chance to do it. Simply contact me via e-mail or my Emily Dobson Photography contact page, and set up an appointment prior to March 31, 2010 and I will knock $25 OFF your initial session fee!



Now, for the winner of a FREE session (OR cash money): Renee Baum!



Congratulations Renee! Contact me at info@emilydobson.com to redeem your prize!



THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for passing along the invite to people I couldn’t reach without you!



And now for something I desparately wish we had in Macon…






Friends Invite Friends January 19, 2010

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It’s time word got out about Emily Dobson Photography. Out where, you ask? Great question! Out to places and people I might never reach without you. So…


It’s CONTEST Time!



Over the course of the next 14 days, I’m asking Friends to Invite Friends to join my Facebook fan page. I have a list of everyone who is currently a fan and will be rewarding one lucky current fan with a free session or free money (take your pick!). Here’s how it works:


Current Emily Dobson Photography Facebook “Fans”:

Invite everyone you know to become a fan of Emily Dobson Photography. I’ll be keeping track of all the new memebers who join, and at the end of the 14 days, one of the new members will be randomly selected. The person who invited them will receive the free one hour session of his/her choice or $15!  SO, the more people you invite, the better your odds are to win!


My only stipulation is that you must be at least 17-years-old to win.


Feel free to pass along my newly launched site: www.emilydobsonphotography.com.


Winner will be annouced on Wednesday, February 3, 2010!